The BRE Datsun Customs of Anhminh To…

To start, if you are not aware of the legacy of Peter Brock, John Morton, and Brock Racing Enterprises, we recommend you google “BRE Datsun” to know to what Minh is paying homage.

Ok, good.  I am assuming that most Lamley readers did not have to do that, so we will move on.

We all know of the racing legacy of the BRE Datsuns, and the BMWs, Triumphs, and Porsches that were left in their wake, but it should also be noted that the BRE design is one of the best-looking racing liveries ever.  There is no mistaking the signature sloping stripes of the BRE livery, with or without a 46 on the door.

And that is what inspired one of our favorite customizers, AnhMinh To from Australia, to do a series of BRE customs using the Hot Wheels Bluebird 510 and 510 Wagon castings.  Many of these have been featured previously in Lamley’s “As is the Custom” feature, but we asked Minh to put them all together for us to showcase.  And we are glad we did.  The creativity of the ideas and preciseness of the work is why we love featuring customs.  Just look at the Drag BRE 510.  Smile-inducing for sure.

It is near impossible to pick a favorite.  Enjoy…

(Thanks Minh.)

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