15 Super Treasure Hunts in 15 days: 05 ’10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake…

With the last Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2013 hitting the pegs, it is time look back at them all. Over the next 15 weekdays, the Lamley Group will showcase one Super each day, in order from first released to last…

If you missed it:

01 ’72 Gran Torino Sport
02 Corvette ZR1
03 ’73 Ford Falcon XB

04 ’71 El Camino

The fifth Super TH of 2013 falls into its own category: One of the best models chosen with one of the worth decos.  

When the Super Snake debuted in 2011, it instantly became my favorite “new” Mustang casting.  Low stance, mean grill, it was great.  Its FTE incarnation in 2012 was equally great.  The black was mean, and the aqua unique.  Unfortunately the 2013 version is firmly placed on the drab side of things.  While the white recolor is a definite improvement over the green, both versions don’t do the casting any justice.  So that is why it is a bit of a bummer that this version was chosen to be a Super TH.  

For the weak hand it was drawn, however, the model still looks halfway decent.  But then Hot Wheels has to go and do a second green “new” Mustang Super TH with the ’07 Mustang, and completely show up the Super Snake.  The ’07 is the far better Super of the two.

So the unique choices for Super TH’s continues in 2013:

  • Two Supers repeating from last year
  • Five Supers repeating from previous years
  • Two green current Mustangs
  • Two Toyotas
  • Five models that made their debut in the mainline as Supers
It does make the prospects for 2014 very interesting.  Especially that last bullet point.  There have been a lot of models that have debuted in the Boulevard, Retro Entertainment, and Flying Customs/Hot Ones that could very well be headed for the 2014 mainline.  Could we any of them debut as Supers?  Datsun Wagon?  Porsche 993?  Ferrari 250 GTO?  Astro Drag Van?  Chevette?  Hmmmmmm….

Hot Wheels ’10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

 (coming Monday:)

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