As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending Sept 7, 2013…

Thanks everyone who sent in their customs this week.  Has their been a disappointing week yet?

Keep ’em coming by way of email (, Instagram (use the hashtag #lamleycustoms), or Facebook.


Evilsonicz Customs

Shawn Sawyer

@toykollector – Instagram

@dezza1988 – Instagram

@gooberspad – Instagram

Jamie Rusbridge

@i_d_r – Instagram

Dylan Cancela Cuevas

Antonio De Abreu – South Africa

Joey’s Custom Cars

@5pudly – Instagram

@actionfigurecomics – Instagram

@thr33z3r05iv3 – Instagram

@inspiire_hw – Instagram

@justindgoodson – Instagram

@sdcustomhotwheels – Instagram

Anton Russouw

Niels Nieuwenhuizen

Hells Dept – Japan

redwheels – HWC, doing Pinkman’s Tercel from Breaking Bad

F100d50 – HWC

@ragingduck – Instagram

burchie_man – HWC

Leo Elkington

69Stang – Swifty’s Garage

6 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending Sept 7, 2013…”

  1. the A100 is my fav but the 599, Sileight!, Jessie Pinkmans Tercel and the Hare Splitter conv are frikken sick…Salute to everyones customs they are all awesome!

  2. That '62 Chevy trailer is done very nicely.

    The bumper removed off the Skyline is daring. Front camber's huge though.

    That's some clean body fabrication on that project DD4. The VW cabrio is no slacker either. That's awesome work done into cutting the top off.

    Very good effort put into that rusty VW.

    I like that Custom El Camino booster attachment to the Kombi. I've planned to do something with the rockets on another car myself for a while now myself.

    Big props to the work I've mentioned.

  3. First things first, that 599 took the cake for me! That is hella dope!

    And I'm digging that Sileighty. That thing is clean as hell. So is that Supra with the iridescent paint. Gotta show some love to my boy Shawn for his black one too.

    And at the end, the Superbird. I'm not what you call a Superbird dude, but this one was executed very well. It looks store bought, which is the highest complement I can pay to a customizer.

    but all in all, everybody put in work this week! Maybe I'll think about throwing my projects in here next week.

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