First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Chevy SS (Opala) Super Treasure Hunt…

Welcome to 2014…

As a collector, I love fall.  Wait, scratch that.  As a human, I love fall.  It is my favorite season.  The best weather, the best clothes, and the leaves.  Yeah, I am a sucker for foliage.

So around here, the orange is already creeping in high up in the mountains, and I enjoyed an interview with André Leon Talley on the radio today, getting me all excited for fashion week.  The weather is still warm, so that needs to catch up.  But fall is here, and I am happy.

Alright, back to why I love fall as a collector.  That’s easy.  One year is coming to a close, and another starts, and we start knowing nothing.  We get to be surprised as new models and decos emerge, and it remains that way all through winter.

So what is coming?  We already know of some great Japanese models, and we know Hot Wheels has conquered the Aston Martin DB5.  Based on that, discovering the rest of 2014 should be pretty fun.

And we know that the Chevrolet SS is the first Super Treasure Hunt.  We have obviously known that for a little bit, but now it is officially hitting.  It has been found in Malaysia, and now we know it is part of the upcoming Kmart cases, along with the final Super TH of 2013, the Dodge Demon.

So here we go.  I will join my Brazilian friends to celebrate the fact that the Opala is a Super TH.  As I have said a few times before, I spent a couple of years in Brazil, and have become such a homer.  I love all things Brazilian, and that includes Hot Wheels versions of Brazilian cars.  

Now I can spend the rest of this point explaining why the Chevy SS is not a Nova or Chevelle, but an Opala, but that subject tires me.  It is an Opala, and happily Brazilian, and now a very nice-looking Super Treasure Hunt.

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Hot Wheels Chevy SS (2014 Super Treasure Hunt):

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  1. it's nice to see these up close on line as for seeing them in the wild, on pegs, or available … fahgeddaboutit ! And it's absurd to pay lots of money on E bay for just a toy car.

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