Just Unveiled: 2014 deco for the Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT, as well as another Japanese New Model…

Early fall is always a fun time to be a collector.  One year winds down, while the new year gets set to spring into full gear.

The first models of the year are on their way, and from what we have learned, 2014 is shaping up to be a stellar year for the Hot Wheels junkie.  We have already learned of an Aston Martin DB5, a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, and our favorite, the Datsun 620 pickup.
Well, perusal of various social media outlets has unveiled some more details.  We like the JDM stuff, so how about a new deco for the Toyota 2000GT?

It looks great in black, and has an eerily similar design to the 2013 Super Treasure Hunt.  But no matter the deco, Jun Imai’s masterpiece always grabs our attention.
But that is not all, j-tin fans.  Rumblings have abounded since last year that 2014 would be epic for the JDM crowd, and the evidence continues to mount.  We don’t have photos that we feel comfortable showing, but we know a few of you would be excited to know that the fourth-generation Honda Civic EF Hatchback is on its way.  Honda knows hatchbacks, and the EF with its double wishbone suspension is still considered by many to be the best they ever did.  Now Hot Wheels is getting into the groove as well.
Once we see proper photos of this one we will be sure to share.  In the meantime, get ready for a superfun 2014, and if you aren’t following the Lamley Group on Facebook, maybe it is time you do…

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  1. I'm all for the new JDM stuff, looks very promising. But I must confess, I am the most intrigued by the DB5. That one was a long time coming, but if executed properly, it would be well worth the wait. Anything Aston Martin is deserving of buying more than one, in my opinion.

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