15 Super Treasure Hunts in 15 Days: 01 ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport…

With the last Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2013 hitting the pegs, it is time look back at them all. Over the next 15 weekdays, the Lamley Group will showcase one Super each day, in order from first released to last…

So let’s start with the first, the ’72 Gran Torino Sport.

Up until 2012, I viewed Treasure Hunts as a novelty.  Something to amuse if miraculously encountered in one’s travels.  There was the occasional release that sparked my attention, but all in all I didn’t care that much.

But when Mattel switched things around in 2012, and made Super TH’s literally “Super” versions of basic releases, that changed.  I look for the Supers, I want the Supers, and I…wait for it…collect the Supers now.  They are now licensed models or popular generics (Bone Shaker), and all quite the lookers.  I surely have favorites casting-wise and design-wise, but all in all I like the whole lot of them.  Now finding out what models will be the next Supers is a big deal, because it means those models will look great.

And in 2013 that starts with the Gran Torino.  The Gran Torino has been my favorite American car casting since it was released in 2011.  Great 70’s shape, great 70’s grill, and since its release a really nice variety of decos.  We have seen it in “stock” mode as a New Model, an updated modern deco in 2012, and now having a little racing fun in K&N livery (not to mention the stunning RLC model this year).  And as a Super?  It looks fantastic.

Another tidbit?  This is one of my Super TH finds in 2013.  Actually, it was 2012, in November, on my way to Denver with the family to visit the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Museum.  The store?  Target in the fantastic town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Right in the middle of the day.  It was a great start to what has proven to be a lucky year of Super finds.

(Check out the Gran Torino Super listings on ebay…)

Hot Wheels ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

(coming tomorrow:)

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