Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Vintage Datsun Bluebird 1400 DX, 1600 SSS, & Van DX…

Is there anything I can say about the Bluebird that hasn’t already been said?

Probably not.  It is an icon, and has been for a very long time.  It seems everyone and their mother has customized a real or toy 510 to sport the letters “B-R-E” and I never get sick of it.  You go to any showcase of nostalgic Japanese cars and the 510 is there, sporting all kinds of tasty modifications.

But RARELY in its original bone stock duds.  If you read Japanese Nostalgic Car, or are a regular peruser of Bring A Trailer, you know that a beautiful stock 510 in black has hit the market in Lamley’s home state of Utah.  I checked the couches and don’t have an extra $8K lying around, so we are out.  But looking at the photos, and controlling our desire to put the 510 in our garage at the expense of our kids actually eating every day, it is really nice to see a 510 looking just like it did 40 years ago.

Enter Tomica Limited Vintage.  Bless you, TLV, for giving us a 1:64 version of a true icon in its original outfit.  They have given as a few Bluebirds, but let’s focus on the design we most associate with the badge, and take a look at four of the versions TLV has done.

We have been able to get our hands on a 1400 DX in light blue, two 1600 SSS models, and one of the toughest TLV’s to acquire, the Van DX, or Wagon.  These four epitomize why we like Tomica Limited Vintage, and speak to why we would love to see them tackle other Japanese icons that are constantly modified, starting with the Nissan Skyline C110 2-door and 4-door models.  (We have seen plenty of made-to-look GT-R Kenmeris, and a TLV take on a stock C110 is LONG overdue.  And considering they nailed the C110 Wagon, we know they can do it.)

Here are A LOT of photos, so sit back and enjoy…

Now, about starting a TLV collection.  It is definitely a lot easier for a collector in Japan to put together a nice collection, and not as easy for US collectors.  But that is changing.  Sellers like our friends at Daboxtoys are carrying the latest TLV’s at very good prices, and there is always ebay, where deals abound.  In fact, the extremely hard-to-find Datsun Bluebird Wagon in both colors is up this moment, from a seller we have used before and highly recommend.  They are pricey, but well worth it.

Tomica Limited Vintage Datsun Bluebird 1400 DX, 1600 SSS, and Estate:

We know you were wondering, so here are the comparison pics:

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  1. I love these Tomica models, great to see such diverse models being modelled, I have seen some of these on fleabay for vast sums, but just out of interest what are the RRP of these.

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