Model of the Day: 2013 Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro Super Treasure Hunt…

Is there anything I can say about the iconic Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro?

I guess there is:

This is the first ’67 I am adding to the collection.  I don’t get too nostalgic when it comes to classic Hot Wheels.  I do own the First Edition of the Drag Bus, and I wouldn’t argue if someone wanted to give me the 1995 Camaro TH, but I am more into what car the casting itself represents (and of course how that casting is executed).

I don’t have a single problem with the ’67 Camaro, it just has never sparked my interest.  There are HW Camaros I much prefer to the ’67, namely the COPO and ’70 Road Race, but I get why the ’67 is so universally loved by collectors.

For that reason I have no doubt that this is a strong contender for Best Super of 2013 when we do the Lamley Awards later this year.  Looking past the fact that the ’67 will always be a contender, this is one good-looking model.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the stellar debut of the Toyota 2000GT and fantastic ’07 Mustang and ’62 Corvette, I might consider it the best as well.

But back to this being the first ’67 Camaro in the Lamley collection.  I am sure there are other valid models that could be added, but it is too daunting a task.  But perusing the listings over at South Texas, some interesting candidates (at least from the last few years, that are not the ’95 TH):

1997 General Mills Designer’s Collection:

1997 Camaro 30th Anniversary Set:

2004 Target Hall of Fame

2005 Real Riders

2008 Japan Custom Car Show

2011 Dale Jr Picks

Now you may or may not agree with me on these choices, but I think most will concur that this year’s ’67 Camaro is fantastic, especially the Super TH.  Real logo, Real Riders, understated design.  It’s neato.  And it sure as shit looks better out of the package…

(Want a daunting task?  Peruse ALL the ’67 Camaro listings on ebay.  Have fun, and we will see you in 2019…)

Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

2 Replies to “Model of the Day: 2013 Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro Super Treasure Hunt…”

  1. this casting also may have the most variations released on one tampo scheme.
    1. No HW logo base
    2. painted engine (a common occurrence thru out the years but HTF none the less)
    3. door handles (must be a new tooling that came about. this casting has never had door handles)
    4. door lines (also must be a new tooling, none prior to this year)
    5. door handles + doorlines (same as above)

    i dont know why and i'm not sure as to how some of these variation came into play, but we haven't heard any word from mattel giving explanation

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