First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota Tundra Super Treasure Hunt…

I am not the Hot Wheels historian that others are, so I will ask:

Is this the largest Treasure Hunt ever made?

It is certainly not the heaviest.  The Tundra’s ratio of size to weight it way off, and in fact it may be one of the lightest Treasure Hunts ever made.

While knowing whether or not this is the largest means nothing, and is frankly not that interesting, I will say that this model has grown on me since I found a couple in a dump bin last week.  It is no secret we love all things Japan automotive, but big trucks like the Tundra do challenge that a bit.  I am not a big fan of big trucks that are big for big’s sake, and for little else.  But I was happy to see the Tundra as a Super, because it does say “Toyota” on it.

And now that I have it in hand, I must say it really is nice.  The real riders make this one.  They are, for lack of a better term, beautiful wheels.  So I will put by big truck phobia aside, celebrate the fact that another Japanese car is a Super, and add this really nice model to the collection.

(Find the Hot Wheels Toyota Tundra on ebay, including the regular body/Super wheels variation that is all the rage…)

Hot Wheels Toyota Tundra Pickup (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

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  1. Great photos, as usual. I found some about a week ago and didn't notice that it has “Play Dirty” on the tailgate until now.

  2. I love this Hunt! I found one the other day in a fresh BOD. Just wish it had a metal base. That would really make this a special truck. I've got mine parked next to the GT2000 $uper. They look like they were meant to be together!

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