First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador J…

Well, I am sure a few of you have wondered when the Lamley Blog would expand into new territories. 
You might have thought it would be a Youtube channel, where we could give you closeups of our hangnails and man-hands while we open a new case.  (And by the way, do you notice everyone flicks the card when they talk about the model they just pulled?  Funny.)  No Youtube channel.  Sorry.
Maybe we have finally expanded into the realm of pallet-raiding after our shocking success in Arizona on Monday night.  Not a chance.  It was fun, we were lucky, but I was TIRED!  I have this job thing that gets me up early in the morning and makes it hard to make a habit of pallet-raiding.  So back to the random lucky find, and I will leave the pallet-raiding and door-warming to other folks.
No, our new territory for Lamley is a little more scandalous.  We have decided to show some of our nicest-looking models completely topless.  Nothing on top.  Zilch.  These beauties are here in all their glory for you to gawk at.  I feel a “People vs Larry Flynt” montage of angry white right-wingers coming on…
But of course for us to show a pretty model topless, some entity like Mattel has to provide said model.  And…oooohh-lala…today they did.
Step into the booth and take a long gander at the brand new Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador J.  Notice what was once a respectable, buttoned-up Aventador has now removed its top and the fun has begun.  The real car may be a one-off, but not this mini version.  There are enough for everyone.
Hot Wheels has done a fantastic job with this one.  Yeah, large rear-wheel-syndrome prevails, but it works here.  The lines are there, she sits super low, the casting is crisply detailed.  So we applaud Mattel’s more sultry and scandalous side, and appreciate the chance to appeal to the more adult-oriented crowd.  
Keep those one-dollar bills handy, because the next version of the J goes even further, going full-zamac…
(You can find this beauty over at ebay, ready to take a jaunt right to the privacy of your own home…)
Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador J (2013 New Models):

Want to get even more scandalous?  Check out the error I accidentally opened without any windows.  Naughty!

With its buttoned-up alter ego:

And all the Aventadors in order of release:

2012 orange

 2012 silver

 2012 Kroger exclusive

2013 white

2013 black

2013 Aventador J

Zamac to come…

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  1. It's cool, but I'm thinking more of my money would be going to the coupe. I'll probably buy at least one of the J's just because I collect exotics. Maybe it would grow on me a little bit more then, it's anybody's guess.

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