Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Zamac Datsun 240Z with red "Toyo Tires" hood tampo…

Just a quick alert to be on the lookout for a new Hot Wheels Datsun variation.  HWC member PACOPICAPIEDRA has reported this red hood “Toyo Tires” logo in red on the brand new Zamac version.

This is clearly a transitional variation, as the initial version in white has the red tampo, while the Zamac versions sport it in blue.  Since PACOPICAPIEDRA’s photos, a few others have reported finding them, but in very small numbers.  I went through 25 today with no luck.

So keep your eyes open.  This should be a good one to find.  If you are lucky enough to find one, post pics on the Lamley Facebook page…

(And you can always try ebay.  Maybe someone listed one without knowing it…)


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