Lamley Poll Results: What did the readers choose as Best Hot Wheels Boulevard Model?

Uh, that was close.

Over 1000 of you voted, and still only ONE vote separated the first place winner from the second place winner.  So while technically there is a winner, two models surely stood out.

If you remember, a few weeks ago we asked you to vote for the model you thought was the best of the now defunct Hot Wheels Boulevard line.  The series was clearly a hit with collectors, especially the smaller 2013 lineup, but it didn’t perform in stores the way Mattel had hoped.  So off it went, into that great Hot Wheels scrapheap in the sky, but not before producing some fantastic models.

With the help of a few trusted collectors, we selected a list of models from the both the 2012 and 2013 lines that seemed to get more attention than the others, and we asked you vote on the model you thought was best.

So here we are, over 1000 votes later, and two models clearly out-shined the others.  Both were brand new castings, and both were from the 2013 range.  And like we mentioned earlier, only one vote separated the two.  So while the Datsun 510 Wagon technically won, we think it is prudent to call it a winner along with the Porsche 993 GT2.

In fact, in case you are wondering, all the results:

1.  Datsun Bluebird Wagon – 16.98%
2.  Porsche 993 GT2 – 16.89%
3.  Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X – 9.19%
4.  ’58 Plymouth Belvedere – 7.88%
5.  1988 Jeep Wagoneer – 6.29%
6.  ’85 Chevy Astro Van – 6%
7.  Long Gone – 5.44%
8.  Vector W8 TwinTurbo – 5.2%
9.  AMC Rebel Machine – 5.1%
10. ’55 Lincoln Futura Concept – 4.78%
11. ’63 Chrysler Turbine – 4.5%
12. ’77 Pontiac Firebird – 3.85%
13. ’69 Chevy Camaro – 3.38%
14. ’55 Corvette – 2.16%
15. ’64 Ford Falcon Sprint – 2.16%

I am sure, when looking at the results, there are plenty of points to argue.  But one thing is very clear, the Datsun and Porsche ran away with the poll.  No other model was even remotely close.

So what does this all mean?

Well, frankly…nothing.  Diddly squat.  The poll isn’t remotely scientific, it is only based on those that are aware of the Lamley Group Blog, and doesn’t in any way represent the collecting community as a whole.


There are some interesting tidbits to take away from what we see:

  1. While the collecting community as a whole did not select the Datsun and Porsche as winners, we can see that fans of those models were eager to vote, and wanted to make their voices heard.  There is a newness to the appreciation of cars like these, and there are a lot of people out there, from all over the world, who want to make sure Mattel and Hot Wheels know that we hope to see more models just like these two.  Expand out to the fact that Skyline was a clear third and you can see that point illustrated even more.
  2. Among the Top 5 there was a diverse group of cars.  The three we already mentioned, along with a classic (Belvedere) and a Jeep.  
  3. Muscle cars weren’t represented in the Boulevard line as much as they are in other lines (like the new Cool Classics), but it was interesting the highest ranking muscle car in our poll was the AMC Rebel Machine in 9th out of 15.  We don’t think that means a decline in popularity at all.  Just the interest in other types of cars is growing.
Ultimately, this was just for fun.  But we know some of the folks at Mattel were paying attention to the poll, and it would be interesting to see what their thoughts are.
What are your thoughts on the results?
We will be doing more of these, and we welcome any ideas from our readers on a future poll.  We hope you enjoy participating as well.  The closer we get to fall means we are getting closer to the Lamley Awards, which is a huge group of polls on topics like Best and Worst Super TH, Best and Worst New Model, among many others.  So start thinking of your answers.
Finally, let’s honor the two Best Models of Hot Wheels Boulevard with a few photos:
(And be sure to pick up those Boulevard models you don’t have but still want.  They are bound to go up in price – especially the winner.  I get asked about the Datsun Wagon’s availability more than any other model.  It will surely go up in price moving forward…)
Hot Wheels Datsun 510 Wagon & Porsche 993 GT2 (2013 Boulevard):

3 Replies to “Lamley Poll Results: What did the readers choose as Best Hot Wheels Boulevard Model?”

  1. I bought the GT2 last week (got lucky in an out-of-the-way O'reilly's) based on the poll results. I'm not usually into the more modern cars, but getting so many votes turned my onto it. And damn it's just spectacular.

    The pix, regardless of how good they are, don't really show all the details on the 993. The painted window frame and nicely-done rollbar really make this car. It's a stunner. NEARLY an equal to the Bluebird and Hakosuka. And for someone who's more into J-tin than anything else, that's saying something.

  2. If it wasn't for couple other cars on the poll, I would have voted for that Porsche. That thang is just crazy good, and I mainly collect sports cars, so that one would have been my choice, first thang smokin.

    The Datsun Wagon might not be my cup of tea, but looking at it a little bit longer, it is a decent little car. Just wish it was at least in a different color though.

  3. I like both choices, Notice that they are nice clean models showing off nice lines , No tampos or decals to take away from the sleek lines of the body. Great castings

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