As is the Custom: My faves for the week(s) ending June 22, 2013 (finally)…

We’re back…

What has it been?  A month?

Probably.  There are times that putting together a blog and having a very busy career makes you not want to look at a computer for one second over the weekend.  It happens.

But many of you diligently sent in your customs, and these have to be seen.  So here are the customs we chose of what was sent over to us in the last few weeks.  Over the next week we will reach out to those on forums, Facebook, and Instagram who have done customs that caught our eye as well, so we can get back to doing this weekly.

One other note.  The police customs are in the process of being judged.  Our timing was not great when it came to submission dates, but as judges are available we will get the submissions judged.  The results will be posted soon, I promise.

Remember to keep your customs coming by emailing photos to

Well enough chat.  On with the show…


Dominic Scuccimarri


RagingDuck – Instagram

towiilopez – Instagram


mrsenctvt – instagram

bobbysanders22 – Instagram

Adhi Ceper

Dominik Wierski

5pudly – Instagram


cunning801 – Instagram


hwmuscle – Instagram

mo_dojo – Instagram

richardrabe – Instagram

13stan13 – Instagram

babythai206 – Instagram

Joey’s Custom Cars

Ezra M

Christophe Millard

11 Replies to “As is the Custom: My faves for the week(s) ending June 22, 2013 (finally)…”

  1. Nice to see my custom among all these great works. As an American-Cars-Lover as the finest I find Mustang by bobbysanders22 and Chevy Van by richardrabe – much better than original “Wi-fi repair”. The flashing lights in towiilopez's Porsche are amazing too.

  2. Many of these are great works but as I tend to gravitate towards the the hod rod that streched Kombi and Tow Kombi really catch my attention. I have been using that tow jam boom on custom wreckers since it came out. The Fed Ex should have been done by Mattel but they just don't get it

  3. I really like all the Nissans,AE86 Corolla,49 Merc, Aston Marton,and all the Datsuns because I'm like that kind of person who likes certain cars but I think the ones I listed are awesome!

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