First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard Porsche 993 GT2…

Yesterday in our First Look at the Boulevard Jeep Wagoneer, I mentioned that the Jeep was darn near perfect, but even with that praise it couldn’t crack the Top 3 Boulevard models of 2013.  (And as I have mentioned a couple of times this week, I am refraining from doing a full tribute to Boulevard until we have previewed them all.)  But in case you are wondering, the Top 3 for 2013 consist, in no particular order, of the Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X, Datsun 510 Wagon, and this splendid Porsche 993 GT2.

Now of course that is my opinion, and it is no secret that JDM gets top billing here at the Lamley Group.  So if others want to say the Hurst Olds, or that crazy Chevy Astro Drag Van, I cannot argue at all.  Again, I will spend more time on these models later, but the Lamley Top 3 represent a splendid combination of creativity in choice and high execution.

Execution?  A standard of Boulevard, and that is what makes an existing casting like the Skyline make the Top 3.  Creativity of choice?  That is what makes the other two stick out.  I have talked enough about the Wagon, so lets talk about the Porsche.

If you made the statement that the 1965 Porsche 911 with Fuchs wheels was the best 911 ever, I would totally agree with you.  Then if someone else in the room made the statement that the best 911 ever was the SC Targa, I would totally agree as well.  Nope, the best is the late-80’s Carrera.  Of course it is!  Actually, they all pale in comparison to the current 991 edition, which I totally agree with.

The point?  The 911 is, and always will be, the Porsche 911, which is synonymous with “better than your car”.

I have always wanted one of the Mattel brands to take on a classic 911, and older Matchbox castings don’t count.  With the detail they can put into models now, I want to see what they can do.  Of course Tomica Limited Vintage beat them to the punch and produced the 1965 911 in breathtaking fashion.

From my view Mattel has had a bit of a mixed output with Porsche.  Lately Matchbox has put out the 911 GT3, 911 Turbo, 914, and Cayenne, all fantastic castings.  Hot Wheels has been a little more inconsistent.  While the Carrera GT, 911 GT3 RS, and especially the 935/78 are really well done, the Cayman, Boxster, and 918 Spyder all leave a bit to be desired.  They are nice, but each has a little something that seems off.  Sometimes it is even hard to pinpoint.

But now, who cares?  Have you seen the 993 GT2?  To paraphrase comic book guy, “Best…Hot Wheels…Porsche…Ever.”  When we are having that “Best 911 Ever” chat like I eluded to earlier, someone will inevitable bring up the 993, and my agreement might be just slightly more passionate than the other agreements.  The 993 is just one mean mother-something, with its bolted-on flairs and obnoxious spoiler.  So if there is a Porsche for Hot Wheels to nail, it is this one, and hallelujah, they did.  Perfect size, great detailing in the casting, and the proportions, something that must be hard to capture with Porsche in 1:64, right on.  And as I have said recently with other models entering the Hot Wheels world, major kudos for picking a car from the 1990’s.  We hope more are to come.

And on top of that, this version comes in a signature color with the best choice for wheels.  The model is a total winner.  Easily one of the best Boulevards, one of the best of 2013, and THE BEST Porsche Hot Wheels has ever done.  Praise enough?

(You need this model.  If it doesn’t make it to the pegs, go get it at Wheel Collectors right now, while it and everything else at their store is 17% off as part of their summer sale…)

Hot Wheels Porsche 993 GT2 (2013 Boulevard):

Shall we rank the recent Hot Wheels Porsches from Worst to First?










8 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard Porsche 993 GT2…”

  1. I agree that this 993 casting is great but the quality control is a bit rough on the finishing side…

    I'll accept that the Boxster's dimensions are a bit off, perhaps limited by the fixed Hot Wheels wheel size? Though as a Porsche enthusiast having spent a lot of time around the Cayman platform I feel the casting is great and about as accurate as one could expect for a Hot Wheels. Anyone else agree?

    Returning to the 993, it's great and I certainly hope to obtain 2 of them, the headlight detail and the casting of subtle details like the door handles and the depth of the engine lid; plus the tight fitment of the windows is nice! The one photographed above just went through the paint shop a bit too quickly…

  2. Yeah, quality control on the tampos are a little off, there's no disputing that. But you can't deny that the 993 is a well-executed casting from a realistic aspect. It has an assload of detail, no wonky proportions. Can't wait to cop it.

    As for the Boxster and Cayman, they are kind of unbalanced, but it is so minor that it don't really affect it that much for me. Every time I see it I still be copping the hell out of those things, just because they are just cute roadsters and coupes.

  3. Bad tampos, but there's no denying it's a great casting. I wish it was an older one, but this one's pretty cool. I've always thought the Cayman was a great casting…

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