June 24th Matchbox Ambassador Update: To 2014 we go…

Greetings collectors…

We are now officially a month away from the International Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends, and that means something very specific for our friends over at Mattel: It will soon be time to dig into the 2015 line.  Yes, 2015.  Planning is everything, and it is important to stay ahead, and that means that the rest of 2013 is waiting in the wings to hit the pegs, the final touches are being put on 2014, and 2015 is getting ready shift into high gear.

So, in many ways the models we are talking about today seem like ancient history to the Matchbox team.

I bring this up because I was recently sent the first sneak peeks of 2014, and there are more to come.  All the 2014 New Models will be revealed in Albuquerque, so my guess is the sneaks I will get in the next few weeks will all be new decos of existing models.  But you know I will be asking for some hints of the new models.

Even with 2014 going full speed ahead, there are still four new 2013 castings we have yet to see: The Whiplash (MBX Roadster), Blaze Buster, BMW R1200 GS Motorcycle (I hear it is full of metal and quite heavy), and the Matchbox Coupe.  I think we will see most, if not all, of these in the next couple of weeks.  You might be asking why the Range Rover Evoque and Questor (MBX Adventure Truck) are not mentioned.  Well, because both are experiencing some delays in the tooling process and are carrying over to 2014.  I am assuming my successor will enjoy sneaking those.

Alright, on with the sneaks, shown as always with permission from Mattel.  We start with two new decos for 2013.  First, the Dodge Monaco Police looks to be sporting a more era-appropriate livery, but I will leave the police experts to judge that.  One way or the other, I think this model looks very nice.  The Tractor Plow sits on top of the new utility wheels, so it looks slightly refreshed.

And now on to the first models of 2014.  We have two slated for the basic range and one in a 2014 5-pack.

Lets start with the 5-pack model.  The International MXT-MVA makes its debut in 2013, and before it even hits the pegs, we’ve got a 2014 version to be released as an exclusive in that year’s Military 5-pack.  I don’t know what the other models will be, but this model is bound to be popular whether it comes as a basic or in a multipack:

Next are the two basics.  The third version of the International Scout (after its 2013 debut and 60th Anniversary edition), as well as the 2014 release of the Sowing Machine.

So there we go.  Our first foray into 2014.  We will have more to show next week, including a model that I was told “will make you drool”…

Until then…

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  1. Brand consistency matters.
    Walk into any Starbucks, anywhere on planet earth, and order a single tall vanilla latte with soy. You will take comfort knowing that your somewhat overpriced drink will have the following effects: you will get fatter, and it will taste identical to the same drink you had at another Starbucks on a different continent.
    No accident here. Starbucks relies on this experience. To test it out, the wife and I went to the Starbucks near the Gateway to India in Mumbai. Sure enough, my single tall latte with soy was just like the ones I enjoy in Portland, Oregon.
    Food and drinks are products, just like razor blades, or Matchbox cars. Consistency in quality builds brand loyalty. And, it makes for a smashing collection in the display cabinet. My mid-sixties regular wheels look great together because they are of a consistent quality.
    Some 40 years on, this concept has been woefully lost on Mattel. For example, this week's report has a very nice and somewhat realistic and sensible casting, the Dodge Monaco police car. A few pics below it is the hyper-ridiculous Scout, a model doomed from it's first introduction. One looks like a Matchbox toy, while the other looks like a tacky attempt by a mid-80s Asia manufacturer.
    Take it to a more granular level. The same Monaco, a fine casting, has a paint job and graphics we might expect to see on a car like this. Too bad the light bar is not what one would see on a cop car of this era.
    Consistency, again?
    So, here we are with a good casting, ridiculed with the wrong light bar. Zoom out, and we see this decent casting lives with the lump of plastic mediocrity, AKA, the Sowing Machine. Zoom out a little more, and we see realism in the Monaco and the sowing machine, spoiled by the hideous purple Scout.
    Matchbox and Mattel need consistency. Why should I, the serious collector, take interest in models that appear to come not only from different manufacturers, but also different decades?


  2. Hi,

    would be nice to get the rest of the 2012 range to buy.
    Distribution in Europe is a disaster.
    Every couple of weeks i must see some models which are nowhere to

    Bernd from Germany

  3. I have long been disappointed by what Mattel are doing with Matchbox. They have moments of genius, like the old fire engine, but way too much dross.
    In my opinion, the brand was doing very well when Felix Holst was there, and I would like to think that this was down to him being a Brit who gave a damn about a once great British brand.

  4. That white base to the Scout is bloody ridiculous, who is heading up the design department?, Mickey Mouse?

  5. Starbucks wasn't around 40 years ago and if it was I bet their tall soy latte wouldnt have been the same ..those wheels will be on that model consistently through out the world…have a nice day

  6. Where are the new models? As of July there are only 4 new licensed matchboxes. Here is a list of the new licensed cars from Hot Wheels:

    Ferrari F12berlinetta
    Pagani Huayra
    Porsche 918 Spyder
    Lotus Evora GT4
    2013 Mustang GT
    2013 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition
    1970 Chevelle SS
    1964 Chevy Nova Station Wagon
    1968 Plymouth Barracuda
    Toyota Supra
    Scion FR-S
    1970 Toyota Celica GT
    1955 Chevy Bel Air
    Volkswagen Kombi
    2012 Mini Countryman
    1969 Dodge Charger Daytona
    Acura NSX Concept
    Porsche GT2
    Datsun 510 Wagon

  7. would love to see the new lines from Albuquerque and if there will even be any new real working rigs pics of them would be great too

  8. Seems to me that someone at Mattel has decided that Matchbox should end up the 'just for fun' range and Hot Wheels the serious 'cool' range.

    How about this? Make Hot Wheels purely US vehicles and Matchbox European vehicles?

  9. Exactly…Starbucks wasn't around 40 years ago but you make the comparison of matchbox wheels 40 years ago to how Starbucks taste the same throughout the world. not a good comparison. matchbox will consistently sell these same exact models with the newer wheels at the gateway of India exactly as they would in Portland……..

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