First Look: Hot Wheels Zamac VW Scirocco GT24, ’68 Shelby GT500, and ’70 Monte Carlo…

We can count on Walmart exclusives from Hot Wheels every year.  Some years they might be exclusive colors, others special wheels, but this year’s set of exclusives takes the cake.  By a mile.

The 12 Zamacs we have seen (and it appears we are getting at least three more) have all been fantastic. There is just something about these casting prancing around in their birthday suits that works so well.  Of course we have our preferences, and after looking at this recent set of three, we think we have figured out what it is.

While the classic cars look cool (Shelby, Monte Carlo, Cuda), it is more of a novelty.  A unique version of a cool model.  But when you look at the more recent sports cars, it just looks right.  Maybe it is because the sleek lines of the more modern cars come out better unpainted.  Personally I am a classic car guy design-wise.  Things like the surfline on the Kenmeri just haven’t been duplicated on today’s cars.  Cars looked different from one another back then than they do now.  Silhouettes can get mixed up, especially in 1:64.  But when you remove the paint, the lines come out and shine.

There is no better example than the Scirocco.  Just look at it.  I have really enjoyed collecting this casting, but no version tops the Zamac.  It may have far less detail than the Speed Machines versions, but it doesn’t matter in the least.  While I still think the R34 Skyline is my favorite Zamac this year, the Scirocco may be the best looking.  That is until we see the F12Berlinetta making its way to Walmart soon.

(If you can’t find the Zamacs in the store, find them here.…)

Hot Wheels VW Scirocco GT24, ’68 Shelby GT500, and ’70 Monte Carlo (2013 Zamac Walmart Exclusives):

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  1. Thanks for the thorough and agreeable posting! This Zamac batch is the first I've actually run across in Wal-Mart and not in an enormous hoarded pile marked-up to $5 elsewhere…

    I selected to purchase one each of the Monte Carlo & Mustang… in part from their rarity as the green Monte Carlo interior is a bit much to consider otherwise, and 2 of the Scirocco because it's just plain cool. Though before leaving 2 mountain men approached, 1 yelled, “THEY GOT THE ZAAHMACKS!” as the other approached with 2 carts and they began to dump all the stock from the large bin and pegs into one and sort out everything they thought would be of value at the local flea market into the other… including comments on the VW Scirocco that it “wasn't a real car” and “what is this thing!?”.

    We now know where all the ZAMACs have gone…

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