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Another look at the upcoming Hot Wheels Scion FR-S…

While the highly-anticipated Hot Wheels Scion FR-S has already been unveiled, our daily social media sweep uncovered this somewhat blurry pic, showing the model’s front and back.  The model appears to be an FR-S with a racing kit, which is totally expected from Hot Wheels.  And considering we have seen this car in stock clothes from Tomica, Kyosho, and the Kyosho OEM, we will happily accept a slightly modified version.

Yes, we are very much looking forward to this model.  We hope to have it soon…

For those of you who want it now, there is one on ebay, only very poorly titled, and hence, hard to find…


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  1. nice model, love the white stripe on the side…and the aero kit look like the one Subaru uses in teh STI version or Toyota in the TRD edition

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