Model of the Day: OEM Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 in black and white…

So earlier we showed the Hot Wheels Bump Around, and my guess is our indifference toward that one showed through just a bit.

Welcome to the complete and utter opposite.  This model is a breath-stealing beauty.  The sexy lines of the 458, all jacked up to look ridiculously mean, and on top of that sporting a very flattering color combo.

We have talked a lot about this model, since it was first announced by Daboxtoys a few months ago, to when the colors were unveiled, and finally a couple of weeks ago when we gave the matte and gloss black versions the full Lamley treatment.  This black and white version is the pinnacle of the 6-car set, at least in my humble opinion.  The two tone design works so well on the 458 (on this model and in person), and that makes it my favorite.  We have said we won’t ever have much to say about the crisp OEM models, because the photos do all the talking.  So on to the photos we go…

First, the real thing (without the GT2 get-up):

And next, the stunning OEM version, which is available now at the Daboxtoys store:

Kyosho OEM Factory Ferrari 458 Italia GT2:

Other black and white beauties from the OEM factory:

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