Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota Truck in white & "Non-Super" Toyota Tundra…

Sometimes our stroll through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram yields very little bits of news.  Some finds from all over the world, some excitement about a Treasure Hunt find or variation find, but nothing along the lines of new models.  But we do it because Hot Wheels batches seem to be different in other parts of the world, and discoveries are made.

Just yesterday we posted the news that the Mazda RX-7 would be one of 2013’s final Treasure Hunts, and we were thrilled to see Japanese Nostalgic Car release their own photos showing this gem shortly after we broke the news.

Today, we have more Japanese goodness.  Our latest social media discovery is the first images of the ’87 Toyota Truck recolored in white, as well as the non-Super Toyota Tundra.  We aren’t what you would call truck guys here at Lamley, but we have quite the soft spot Japanese haulers.  However, we like our Hiluxes and Datsun trucks from the 70’s, and low enough to see over the roof.  That being said, the ’87 Toyota is iconic for any kid growing up in the 80’s, so we will take it.

The Tundra?  Nice looking, clearly an amazing truck, but just not as interesting as the more character-driven classic trucks.  But we won’t complain about the Toyota love Hot Wheels has shown this year, nor will we argue one bit that it is a Super.  And we hope to get at least one to show off on the blog.

So here is one lucky collector’s two new 4×4’s, courtesy of our friends at Hot Wheels and Toyota.  Not the best photo, but you get the gist:

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  1. Thats gonna be sweet. Matchbox should release the '85 4Runner again too. Old school yellow with white and red tampos!

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