May 27 Matchbox Ambassador Update: The brand new 1966 Dodge A100 Pickup and other sneaks…

Greetings fellow collectors…

Another week, another group of sneaks.  When Mattel announced the new models for 2013, there were a few that were earmarked by collectors, including yours truly.  Among them, the VW Type 34 Karmann Ghia, BMW 1M, and Dodge A100 Pickup were at the top of most people’s “most anticipated” lists.  Well, a couple of months ago we saw the Ghia, and hopefully soon we will see the BMW (it won’t disappoint, trust me).  But today we get to see what may be an instant classic, the MB862 1966 Dodge A100 Pickup.

I would imagine that when most of you open up these little updates, your eyes glaze past the words and right to the pictures, which makes total sense.  Some of you might return to the words later, but I have always thought I could hide little messages in the text that no one would see.  So I am spending this paragraph rambling on about nothing, just to make this report look more legit.  The fact of the matter is the pictures do all the talking, especially when it comes to the A100.  This model is truly the bee’s knees.  What stands out particularly is the “DODGE” molded into the very front, as well as on the tailgate, as well as the beautiful pastel aqua on this specific model.  This is a casting bound to be popular with both Matchbox collectors and those blue card folks who occasionally turn around to see what orange is putting out, so be prepared to hit the stores early.  Alright I am done rambling.  I think now it looks like I wrote enough.

We hope to see this model at the top of its game soon, sporting a premium look.  Here’s hoping we see the continuation of a premium-oriented line moving forward…

(These images are shown with permission from Mattel.)

We will give you a few minutes to ogle over the Dodge before we move on…

…you’re good, take your time…

…ok, ready?  Alright, the other sneaks for this week:

Mini Cooper Cabrio in British Racing Green

Dune Dog sporting the new off-roaders

The Pit King

Sahara Survivor in (surprise!) green

That is it for this week.  We have more coming next week, including the return of a certain blade-wielding German sports car.

Stay tuned…

19 Replies to “May 27 Matchbox Ambassador Update: The brand new 1966 Dodge A100 Pickup and other sneaks…”

  1. Now that's pure awesomeness! That's what I call a report. Well done you and the MB team. You've pulled it off. That A100 looks really spectacular in that guise. I have to say it was worth the wait. Another buster in the line is the Mini. It looks as if its just returned home with that very homely BRG and those twin stripes on the hood. And for the first time in many days, I've been turned on generics. I really like the Dune Dog and the Pit King this time. They look very nice in those designs. I guess the Dune is supposed to replicate an old LR. The Survivor is also nicely done indeed but not my cup of tea. Except that, going to buy all those aboves. So, thanks a lot for posting this update!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. I think MB hit the spot with the A100 and Mini but got completely off the mark with the generics. A real gem the A100!

  3. Another load of old pony poo,was hoping for something decent with the Dodge but it is crap.A Sahara jeep in green!! which muppet gave that a color.


  4. Credit where credit is due.
    The Dodge is a tidy little casting with paint and graphics applied by the one known as Restraint. As a scheme, it is on the money. An hey, it appears Mattel pulled the right wheels off the shelf for this little truck. The casting details look good, the interior is not chrome, and the body is metal by-crackie.
    This Dodge is not off the hook just yet. Mattel needs to make send someone to Asia and have a talk about paint finishes. I imagine the crisp little casting is suffocating under that winter's coat of paint. It's way too thick. And, those big round headlights are a signature piece of the Dodge A100. They really, really deserve a silver tampo.
    By far the biggest issue I take is not with the job done on this truck, which I fully intend to buy. Its the fact that a 45+ year old vehicle is in the range. Matchbox, excluding Yesteryears, started life as a reflection of contemporary cars. The early range was selected for innovation, and often modernism. These old-timers are some of my favorites, no doubt. But, when I look over my collection of modern Matchbox toys, I see the Prius and the Bentley as the real heart of what makes a Matchbox a Matchbox. They are realistic, not overdone, and reflect current culture on all ends of the spectrum.

    The MINI is another good looking little fella, but that paint looks too thick and too thin, all at once. Fix the paint issues, and these models will really start to stand out.


  5. Thanks for the nice report.
    My personal favourite of the batch is Mini.
    Dodge A100 was the most anticipated for me, but it was a bit of a let down again. Matchbox can do much better than this IMHO.
    The colour choice is great. But why not do at least the front tampo for the debut model. They managed to do this for the debut Austin mini van back in 2007 even with the side design. Why not with this model?
    – Rajan

  6. I didn't see any word about the scale of the A-100 (the only one of these that interests me) but kudos to MB for doing it STOCK. Hopefully, it's 1/64, or at least a mere denominator digit away. My only fear is that it might become scalper fodder due to insufficient production and/or poor distribution. (The GMC pickup comes to mind.)

  7. The Dodge is amazing! Really really good looking design-wise, too. And the MINI is nice, maybe I'd like a red interior better, but it is OK as it is.

  8. I'm thoroughly impressed and delighted with the execution of the Dodge A100. No question that it's a prime candidate for a premium line, especially on a proper diecast base if that sees the light of day again in the coming years…

    The modern Mini is quite tasteful too, and I'll be sure to purchase one of those. The Dune Dog & Pit King; while models I've yet to and don't see purchasing in the future are at least restrained and don't have orange windows and purple fenders which further de-value already generic castings. The blue wheels on the Dune Dog are slightly different and seem like they hold potential for other customs?

    The Sahara Survivor is acceptable and in a tasteful color selection though I think many fellow collectors would agree with me that this model has run its course and is one that should be retired. Anyone in agreement?

    I fully agree with the previous comments that an increased focus on accurately reproducing currently manufactured cars of all global marquees (with preservation of the so-hotly desired vintage models) would add much more short & long term value to the Matchbox brand (even with the increased licensing costs) than trying to save money & increase profit margins with the flood of generics that are slowly eating the brand alive. Perhaps the higher-ups at Mattel will take this to heart from an avid collector and holder of 3 business degrees? One can hope…

    All in all, the Dodge A100 is still a delight, I can only hope it sees a proper variety of colors, special editions, and liveries like the VW T2 Bus casting has?

  9. I agree with most posters from, it's great it's over painted it has realistic color coordination. I think the thing that really hurts this casting is the overwhelming white. It's the debut issue, how about some chrome? The grill the headlights this hurt the casting and WHY they couldn't see it was overwhelming is beyond me! It's great to see this in stock but if your going to do it DO IT RIGHT! it seems like they have no attention to detail and this was one of MB's trademarks. Even the 60th line and there are plenty of peg warmers in that line. They did a great front end loader and then put a chrome bucket on it. Are you kidding me? That is a waste and I bet it wasn't the only one who thought so. Nothing special about that line, NOTHING! they need NEW marketing and PR people. They need to know who are they're main consumers are. They can't have a clue or we would get what we expect. The models flying off the peg aren't the ones with crazy colors or tires. I love the A100 and the Cooper and even the dump is ok. I see trucks every day that don't have make or model plates or fixtures on them so I'm guessing their real life generics. The problem is the color schemes. You will never see a blue dump body on a white truck. My suggestion to MB and Mattel would be get real! They will be more successful and sales will be the proof.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  10. A100 is a real beauty, thanks for showing it, you made my day:) Is it a shorter model than most of them? Like e.g. the Scrambulance or Dune Dog only with these l'il wheels?
    And I think if somewhere, then this is the place where I can hope answer. My question is: do you know something about the new Blaze Blaster? Will it be shown here at a time? Does it have anything with the old Blaze Buster? Thanks for all

  11. The Dodge is relevant for the US market, BUT more a novelty for everywhere else.

    Of course people in the US are going to get excited about the A100 – but for those in the ROW, it is a curio and the majority will not be able to relate to it smply as the equivalent was a Ford Transit / VW T2 / BMC, etc……

    I guess the same was for MB66 Ford Transit when it was released – totally relevant for Europe, unrecoginsed for the US.

  12. Canada is ROW and I am familiar with the Dodge A100 Pickup. In fact I saw a van version of this recently.

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