As is the Custom: Our Faves for the Week ending May 25, 2013…

At this moment, some of you might be frantically trying to finish up your police customs for the 2nd Lamley Contest before the due date tonight.  Good luck.

The submissions are coming in quick, and once the again the judges will be faced with a very difficult task.  We can’t wait to show off to everyone what has come in, and honestly I have no idea who might take it this time.

And in case you are wondering, Lamley Custom Contest #3 has already been set.  It will be our final contest of the year, and it is bound to be a doozy.  We anticipate more entries for the #3 than the previous two, maybe combined.  So stay tuned…

The rest of you, enjoy this group of customs found from all over the place.  Most submitted directly to us, some discovered in our internet travels.

Remember to submit any customs for review to or post them on our Facebook Page.

Thanks everyone, now on to it…

At 1ness – GTPlanet

ragingduck – Instagram

Sjors Trimbach, giving the Lamley Blog some much needed Hot Rod attention.  I absolutely love the Salt Flats pic.  Only an hour away from Lamley Headquarters…

Ernest Li

Rikmun Lim

Tóth András

Putera Terbuang

Miguel Lopez

AnMinh To – Instagram

gooberspad – Instagram

babythai206 – Instagram

bobbysanders22 – Instagram

Christoph Mallard

Skytops – Instagram

13stan13 – Instagram

Dias Customs

EP3 – Hot Wheels Forum UK

The Maverick now has a flat:


mo_dojo – Instagram

Joey Bergjord


d3nster – Instagram

Luiz Ramos

Edgar Torres Farias

Lovell Monster Garage

Vegas Custom

Joel Presto with this restoration:


ryosuke7 – HWC

The legendary Hell Dept – HWC

AOS ( with a very subtle change.

69Stang – Hobbytalk

8 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our Faves for the Week ending May 25, 2013…”

  1. I'm a Pontiac fan but I haven't bought a Hot Wheels Bonneville yet because I find it ugly (in original design). The Christoph Mallard's work is awesome! It shows how the ugly car is changed in something exciting. I think Mattel should sign a contract with mr. Mallard as a designer.

  2. Gooberspads' Toyota examples are awesome! The '87 4×4's look great simply with just a metallic finish and no tampos. Sometimes less is more in this case. Same goes for the FJ ; the upgraded all terrain setup is a nice enhancement.
    Nice job!

  3. EP3 displays an extreme range – from a beautiful chrome paintwork to a magnificent flat tyred rust wreck. Bravo!

  4. I have to agree with Dominik, the guy cutting and designing on here do way better work than the guys at Mattel! Now I realize they designing for mass production but some of the great work on here and other sites blows Mattel out of the water.

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