First Look: Hot Wheels Mig Rig…

So when we posted the first images of Hot Wheels 2013 Batch M, we were surprised to see the excitement about the Mig Rig.  But with a casting like that, a hearty “what the hell do we know?” suffices.

We would most surely welcome comments from many of you on the appeal of the Mig Rig.  We just don’t know.  The model doesn’t particularly excite us, but that is the case with a lot of Hot Wheels cars.

We know that this model was designed by retired legend Larry Wood, so we get that excitement.  Maybe that fact helps the model tap into that nostalgic Hot Wheels vibe that gets so many RLC models sold.

Maybe it is the design itself.  An old school racing truck.  Whatever it is, many are bound to snag one or a few.  But they might be in for a bit of a surprise…

The model has a plastic body.

Yes, plastic.  I have never been that bothered by plastic bodies, but many people have.  And plus I haven’t really been tested.  None of my favorites have gone plastic.  So it will be very interesting to see what kind of reaction collectors give once they find this one on the pegs.

Maybe it was done for racing purposes.  The metal base, plastic body combo has done well before, or so I have read…

What are your thoughts?

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Hot Wheels Mig Rig (2013 New Models):

10 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Mig Rig…”

  1. I'm really not a “significant” fan of utility trucks, but I like the Mig Rig's design, for some strange reason. Mr. Hot Wheels himself did an awesome job with the classic design. Too bad the body is plastic though. Would have made a very nice piece even better.

  2. For me the thing screams of a time when autos were set apart from each other. Sure companies tried to put their own spin on designs but that in my opinion was a good thing. Car companies do the same today but everything seems to look like the other. Weathervit is Nissian or Toyota, Kia or Hyndia even Lexsus and BMW and Benz. You can compare the models for likeness to other brands and find they are close in resemblance. Cars of yesteryear have an appeal all their own. Today cars are just something everyone needs to get from point A to point B. The muscle car of today is a finished product, not many need to be modified. Back then you could take an old bucket of bolts and rework it into a masterpiece. The Mig has that feel, like it was sitting around gathering rust and along came an artist with his pallet and with a stroke of genius WHAM! I will not comment on the Plastics of it cause I have said it way to often. I can't wait to get this one, the body leaves little room for customizing or modifying so unless it is reissued in DC I only pick up a couple.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. Another great HW model with plastic body and metal base that surprised everyone when it came out is the Audi R8. The fact that it has a plastic body was never a big deal. People are crazy about the model…

    I'll get the Mig Rig, for sure. It's awesome!

  4. not really my “line of collection” of cars, but this one has character. i like it. ill get it. it has that retro vibe feel, when cars have character.

  5. Great shots as usual John! When you get a chance, could add one that shows what is going on at the business end of this beast a little better (engine behind the cab I assume, then the bed….) First couple things that come to mind; this would make a hell of a tow truck with a swept back boom. Or a great tow vehicle with a 5th wheel and similarly styled trailer (hauling some sort of bonneville bomb.)

  6. Yes this would make a great wrecker or a hualer. So many possibillities but it will take much more work with the plastic bod. To be able to just strip it makes it easy to do multiple versions. In it's current state I think I only mod 1 maybe 2…

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

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