First Look: Hot Wheels Fast & Furious, Part 2 (and yes, we have the elusive Mustang)…

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We mentioned in Part 1 that we used a complicated scientific formula to decide how to separate the models for a 2-part First Look.  And after careful consideration we separated the batches by color.  Thankfully out of the eight cars, half were light-colored and half dark.  Complicated, eh?

So today we will showcase both the old and new Charger, the new Challenger, and that Mustang that has been getting just a tad of attention lately.

Let’s talk about that Mustang.  HWC is abuzz with folks claiming it is a chase, mainly because its numbers have been scarce.  But that is a typical move by collectors.  If you can’t find a model you are looking for, it must be a chase, and it must have been a scalper that took all of them.  It makes it easier to deal with the disappointment of not finding something to assume it was swiped by someone mean and horrible.  That the person’s main reason to take them all was to make sure you didn’t get any.  But most likely that person who picked them up first is just like you, and was just as excited to see them as you would have been.

I can attest to that last statement because I got lucky and found two.  And I was excited.  With a bit of luck I happened upon a brand new shipper just as it was being hung.  The top section contained two Mustangs, and that was it.  I happily bought both.  Which allows me to keep one carded and one to photograph is all its glory.

It is still hard to say whether or not this Mustang will end up scarce.  Later batches could be full of them.  What we do know is this series has been flying off the shelves, and Mattel has helped by pricing these at $.97 in the US, the exact same price as the mainlines.  We hope this spurs more ideas like this.

So if you have them all in hand, or are seeing them all here, which is your favorite?  It is a hard call for us.  The Supra and R34 are the obvious choices for us here at j-tin obsessed Lamley, but the deco on each leaves a little to be desired.  (Not Mattel’s fault.  That is what the cars looked like in the movie.)  The Mustang is nice, but plain, and the GT-R and ’70 Charger look like standard mainlines.

That leaves the 2011 Charger and Challenger SRT8.  The SRT8 is, at least to us, a casting that leaves A LOT to be desired.  The large real wheels make the HW version look hardly at all like the real car.  But for some reason it works in this deco.  The large rear wheels look more like Dom’s ride, and the front grill detailing highlight the fact that this is a Challenger.

But we will go with the 2011 Charger as our favorite.  The casting itself is not one we collect, although it is nicely done and pretty spot on compared to the real car.  But the reason we like this specific model is this: how often will you see a Hot Wheels on the pegs in matte black with straight black wheels?  Almost never.  Hot Wheels must have the right silhouette mixed with eye-popping side-deco to sell, that is why many times you will see a car with no front or rear tampos, but plenty of goings-on on the sides.  A black-on-black car on the pegs is somewhat of a deathwish for sales.  At least that is what the research says.  So we will enjoy the fact that the Fast & Furious license allowed Mattel to get all crazy and do a fantastic matte black model with full front and rear detailing, and then top it off with black wheels.

Enjoy the 2011 Charger, because we may not see a model like that again for awhile…

Your favorite?

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Hot Wheels Fast & Furious ’70 Dodge Charger R/T, 2011 Dodge Charger R/T, Dodge Challenger SRT8, and ’67 Mustang:

2 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Fast & Furious, Part 2 (and yes, we have the elusive Mustang)…”

  1. These are way better looking than the first half showed.

    I hope i find both Chargers. I don't collect this mustang and i din't like the Challenger, compared to the metalflake orange first editions (to me, the best one so far…).

  2. I think I like the Mustang and the Challenger the best. Granted, the Mustang might be quite understated, but that's why I like it! Love that green! The '70 Charger is nice, very nice, but I never collected that casting because I never was into cars that had the super high stances. Last year, I had bought the green one, but I ended up giving that one to my older brother. The 2011 Charger is a very sweet casting, but I'm at the point where I'm still getting used to cars that have matte black paint and black wheels. But it is nicely detailed though. Might pick that one up though.

    However, as it remains, the Mustang and the Challenger are my favorites so far.

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