First Look: Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica in yellow…

The complete and utter domination of Hot Wheels by Toyota in 2013 continues…

In the Kool Kombi post we put together last week, we talked about the process we go through to select our Model of the Year.  We mentioned that the Kool Kombi fit a lot of the criteria to be a serious candidate.  But what it has going against it is that it seems appropriate that the 2013 Model of the Year should be a Toyota.

Amid the standard muscle, supercars, and fantasy cars, Toyota has stood out this year.  Four new models – Celica, 2000GT, Supra, and Scion FR-S – plus a return of the ’87 Toyota Truck, AE86, and Tundra. On top of that, two of the models are Super Treasure Hunts.  Not a bad year, eh?

So let’s just say it now.  If there were a Lamley Award for carmaker of the year, it would hands down be Toyota.  Their licensors went crazy, and Hot Wheels took advantage.  And we benefit.

So we will revel in the recolor of the Celica.  Yellow is a great color for this model…

Ok, tangent.  Sometimes my Lamley posts take on the personality of the music I am listening to, not to mention the various stages of tired I am.  The tired stage tonight?  Very.  I can barely concentrate.  The music I am listening to?  The new Daft Punk.  itunes is streaming it for free, and here I am am listening to “Doin’ It Right” featuring Panda Bear.  Over and over again.  Daft Punk has made one of the best Panda Bear songs ever.  And I love Panda Bear.  Damn, I love Daft Punk.

I cannot connect Daft Punk’s new album to a 1970 Celica, other than the fact that both are items I hope we all can appreciate.  Their new album might be more Lincoln Continental than Toyota Celica, but oh well…we aren’t featuring a Lincoln Continental today.

Alright, here is a connection.  Things I did not expect in 2013:

1. Hot Wheels to release a ’70 Toyota Celica and Toyota 2000GT.
2. Herman Miller to issue the Eames Molded Wood Side Chair.
3. New albums from Boards of Canada, Sigur Ros, and Daft Punk all within a month of each other.

Not bad.

To get back on track, this is a Celica from the Toyota Museum:

This is a daruma Celica that might have been a bit of an inspiration for the Hot Wheels model:

Dem’s be some good lines.  Near perfect actually.  But what do you expect from the same folks that did the 2000GT?

Wait until I go on a tangent on Boards of Canada.  And I will.  They have a new album coming out next month.  I’m going to bed…

(You can find the yellow Celica and the rest of HW Batch L on ebay…)

Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica (2013 New Models, recolored in yellow):

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica in yellow…”

  1. Awesome! Just Awesome! Super-awesome! I have no other words! Toyota has dominated the year at Hot Wheels thats for sure! All cars are beautiful! thank you for the pictures!

    – Black Wind, Swiftysgarage.

  2. Sorry but those super-flared wheel wells and those wheels are not helping the casting come close to the real car that you've posted here. Makes it look like a 4×4.
    Thankfully the 2000 GT was done with some great taste and I would say it's on-par with Tomica.
    – Rajan

  3. I passed on the green one (not sure why?). But I do like that casting though, in my opinion it's one of the better looking Celicas throughout Toyota history, maybe the best, perhaps. I agree with Rajan though, I would have preferred those fenders to be closer to stock, but the casting as a whole still makes for an attractive vehicle, at any rate. Not gonna pass up this yellow one though, no no!

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