May 13 Matchbox Ambassador Update: 2013 1-120 Basic list and more sneak peaks…

Greetings fellow collectors…

Well the time has finally come.  Yes, a bit of a long time coming, but we finally have the model list for the 2013 Matchbox basic range.  The release of information is as stringent as ever at Mattel, so lineups for both Hot Wheels and Matchbox were delayed this year until every stone was turned.

So while we are smack dab in the middle of 2013, and we have already seen many 2013 models released, at least now we can see where everything goes, and what is coming.

I know many of you are not too worried about my comments on the lineup, so I will refrain and let you guys get right to it:

(Remember, the list and photos in this report are all posted with permission from Mattel.)

2013 1-120 List:
(New Tools marked in red
MB1     Two Story Bus
MB2     Renault Master Ambulance
MB3     Blaze Blaster
MB4     Food Truck

MB5     Street Sweeper
MB6     Fisker Karma Hybrid
MB7     SWAT Truck
MB8     Porsche 911 GT3
MB9     Urban Tow Truck
MB10   Matchbox Batmobile
MB11   66 Dodge A100 Pickup
MB12   Austin Mini Cooper S
MB13   55 Cadillac Fleetwood
MB14   54 Jaguar SK 120
MB15   57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible
MB16   69 Chevy Camaro SS396 Convertible
MB17   Classic Seagrave Fire Engine
MB18   56 Buick Century Police Car
MB19   43 Jeep Willys
MB20   63 Cadillac Ambulance
MB21   Torque Titan
MB22   Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia
MB23   Whiplash (aka MBX Roadster)

MB24   Porsche Cayenne Turbo
MB25   Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
MB26   Highway Maintenance Truck
MB27   Blaze Blitzer (aka European Fire Truck)
MB28   Express Delivery
MB29   Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept
MB30   Ford E-350 Ambulance
MB31   Amphi Flyer (aka Coast Guard Hovercraft)
MB32   Ice Cream Van
MB33   Baja Bandit
MB34   2000 Corvette Convertible
MB35   VW Karmann Ghia Type 34 Convertible
MB36   2013 Ford Explorer (Police)
MB37   Tractor Plow
MB38   Turn Tamer (aka MBX Sedan)
MB39   GMC School Bus
MB40   75 Chevy Van
MB41   Ground Grinder (aka Road Grader)
MB42   Dump Dozer (aka Mega Dump Truck)

MB43   Trail Tipper
MB44   Water Hauler
MB45   All Terrain Crane
MB46   Load Lifter
MB47   Dodge Ram SRT/10
MB48   Road Roller
MB49   Jeep Rescue Concept
MB50   Ground Breaker
MB51   Flame Smasher (aka Fire Tanker)
MB52   Cadillac CTS Wagon
MB53   Chevy Silverado
MB54   MBX Motorhome
MB55   Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible
MB56   MBX 4×4
MB57   Tractor
MB58   Ford Police Interceptor
MB59   Land Rover Defender 100
MB60   Baja Bullet
MB61   Range Rover Evoque
MB62   TVR Tuscan S
MB63   Audi R8
MB64   2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit
MB65   BMW Mini Cooper S
MB66   Rescue Helicopter
MB67   Pierce Dash Fire Engine
MB68   Austin FX4 Taxi
MB69   Power Lift
MB70   Utility/Gas Tanker
MB71   76 International Scout 4×4
MB72   Ford Explorer Interceptor (Fire)
MB73   Scrambulance
MB74   Terrain Trouncer
MB75   Frost Fighter
MB76   Skidster
MB77   Ford F-550 Super Duty Pumper
MB78   Lotus Europa
MB79   Pit King
MB80   Dune Dog
MB81   International MXT-MVA
MB82   74 VW Type 181
MB83   Sahara Survivor
MB84   Oshkosh M-ATV
MB85   Sand Shredder
MB86   Road Tripper 4×4
MB87   Questor (aka Adventure Truck)
MB88   4×4 Buggy
MB89   VW Saveiro
MB90   68 Toyota Land Cruiser
MB91   Vantom
MB92   Blizzard Buster
MB93   Mission Helicopter
MB94   Subaru Impreza WRX Police Car
MB95   06 Fire Engine
MB96   Scraper
MB97   Hummer H2 Concept
MB98   Quick Sander
MB99   Desert Thunder V16
MB100 Coyote 500
MB101 Deep Diver
MB102 Isuzu Amigo
MB103 Mitsubishi Eclipse
MB104 Opel Speedster
MB105 Aqua King
MB106 Sowing Machine
MB107 MBX Coupe
MB108 Tractor Shovel
MB109 Rescue Boat
MB110 78 Dodge Monaco Police Car
MB111 BMW 1M
MB112 BMW R1200 GS Motorcycle
MB113 Road Raider (aka Police Truck)

MB114 BMW R1200 R-TP (Police)
MB115 Jeep Wrangler Superlift
MB116 ATV 6×6
MB117 Jeep Willys Concept
MB118 Rock Shocker
MB119 06 Dune Buggy
MB120 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

2013 Recolors:

MB55   Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible
MB74   Terrain Trouncer
MB91   Vantom
MB92   Blizzard Buster
MB114 BMW R1200 R-TP (Police)
So there it is.  What do you think?  Any surprises?  Personally I am happy to see several models make a return to the lineup, most notably the Dodge Monaco Police and Audi R8.  I am sure there are plenty others that will surprise you.  Street cars have made a significant return to the range compared to 2012, which is a welcome development for many of you, including yours truly.
A couple of notes:
  • You may notice there are two Ford Explorers on the list, at #36 and #72.  That is in fact the same model, only in different decos.  Call it an unofficial recolor.  This was done at the request of the licensor, after a last minute developmental issue.  We have already seen one version, in a Fire livery.  The second will be police-themed.
  • There could be one more change.  There is a chance the Range Rover Evoque could be delayed until 2014.  That has not been determined yet, nor has a replacement if the Evoque is in fact delayed.
But we are not done with this update.  We still have a few sneaks to show.  
We had more to show this week, but will hold off on some to let you digest the 1-120 line.  In case digesting the list proves hard on your health, how about some emergency vehicles to come and assist?
There are two ambulances and a fire truck to show this week, and all three are very popular models.  We will start with the 1963 Cadillac Ambulance in orange:
This was not a model I expected to see this year, but am happy to see it in the lineup.  It is very popular with collectors, and most should prefer this somewhat modern livery to the “Surf Doctor” deco the 2011 version sported.
Next, the Ford E-350 Ambulance, also in orange and white:
Lastly, a favorite for many when it debuted last year, the Classic Seagrave Fire Engine.  We saw it in red last year, along with promo versions in white, metallic red, and gold.  It is back in 2012, this time in beautiful bright yellow with gold trim:

The Seagrave is a fun model to collect, and I would imagine this will be as scarce as last year’s version became.  So be prepared to hit the pegs quickly once it hits.
We have many more sneaks to show, but we will hold off until next week.  We have images of the Food Truck, as well as several new decos.  For now, peruse the list, and let us know what you think.  
Until next week…

9 Replies to “May 13 Matchbox Ambassador Update: 2013 1-120 Basic list and more sneak peaks…”

  1. Awesome! Some of the mainline models really gave me a relief! Like the Cayenne Turbo, Audi R8, 1M etc. and more. I really have to thank you for posting the list! The pictures models should also exceit some collectors, especially the yellow Seagrave. I can now say that MB is finally back on track!

    – Black Wind,SwiftysGarage.

  2. It's nice to see the return to sensible liveries on emergency vehicles again. Thanks Matchbox for correcting the error of 2012.

  3. Thanks for the great report as always John. I'm glad to see the list and very pleased with the designs shown on the ambulances and the Seagrave.

    Let the hunt begin!


  4. I thought since the entry started off with the yellow Seagrave the last pic would finally be the Blaze Blaster. I suspect that's a US style generic fire truck.

  5. Looks Great looks like the realistic graphics are creeping back good sign! Still hope they use real departments like a few years back it was a classy touch. As for the generic sportscars I HATE this its not Matchbox lets keep it real however kudo's to the design team some of this years generics looks decent Euro Fire Truck, Road grader etc.

    Keith H.

  6. WHEN are they going to paint the light bars on the Ford E-350?
    It was always a botched half finished design.

  7. What a surprise, the only decent model to be released this year might be held back until 2014, along with the massive amount of generics, this list is looking like a quick throw together, old models, generics and recolours, only a few really new ones, and most of them are generics.

    Out of the above pictures, I like the Seagrave, and do in all colours it has been released in, and the Ambulance, I will look out for those.

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