As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending May 11, 2013…

Alright, at some point we just had to stop.

Because of the first Lamley Custom Contest, as well as preparations for the second (submissions due in two weeks!), we have let a lot of the customs submitted to us pile up.  Not to mention customs we have come across that we really liked.

So this week’s custom post can be called a bit of a reset.  We emptied out our email, reviewed all we have seen on our Facebook page, and TRIED to remember all we have seen.  And it is all here, in maybe our largest custom post yet.

So we start anew today.  If you have something you submitted that we didn’t show, it could be because we just missed it (we know we have missed plenty), so submit it again, preferably to  You can use our Facebook page or Instagram feed (just tag your photos #lamleycustoms) as well.

We love covering the customs many of you do, so thanks to everyone who submits their work.

Keep those police customs coming in for the contest (we have some great pieces already), and enjoy today’s post…

We will start with Lamley Custom Contest #1 winner Ernest Li, who has already customized the brand new HW Acura NSX:

Our old friend Ricky Silverio, with these Kaido and Circuit racers:

Aaron Kwong, taking on the brand new Kyosho Alfa Romeo set

Mass Putra/USACC Kustomz, who converted a HW Triumph TR6 into a Datsun Roadster

Dias Customs, from his new “Skull Series”


actionfigurecomics – Instagram

Andrew Annandale

Poketweal_chopshop – Instagram

13stan13 – Instagram

the_urb – Instagram

mrsenctvt – Instagram

primo323 – Instagram

hw_guy – Instagram

Matt Newall –

cmzezzo – Instagram

Fernando Araujo

Edgar Torres, who after reading our feature on the Acura NSX this week, submitted this beauty.  He took the HW NSX GT Racer and turned it stock:

hotwheelsguru – Instagram

mo_dojo – Instagram

Minh To, one of our regulars

rikkshady – Instagram

A_R_N_E_L – Instagram

blistercards – Instagram

gooberspad – Instagram

justingoodson – Instagram

Diecast Bandit

Tóth András

Huy Nguyen

Putera Turbuang

Vic Mattice

Andy Truong –

At 1ness – GTPlanet

Cano – GTPlanet

Jamdiggity – HWC

neslessman – HWC

mi777ke777 – HWC

Jason Miller

9 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending May 11, 2013…”

  1. Lots of great ones this week! I recognize a few of these off of Instagram.

    So I would have send you emails to you again? It's not a problem, just want to know.

  2. I'm SPECIAL.

    A lot of cool stuff, guys. Should consider upping the photo quality because your cars don't deserve it. Get those crispy photos so we won't miss out on details!

  3. Thanks a lot, glad to see someone “gets it” (: I knew I wasn't alone, lol.

    As usual, several amazing pieces in here, two M1s! Who would'ave thought?

    Also, I see everyone doing customs with the small Kombi, and I don't even have one, hah!

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