First Look: Hot Wheels Fast & Furious, Part 1…

It seems like we have been waiting quite awhile for these to show up, and the HW Fast & Furious cars are finally here.

A very interesting choice of cars, and I wonder if we will see any from the latest movie.  We already know the Daytona will be coming in the mainline, but who knows if we will see any others.

But I will stop speculating and enjoy this set.  Two models are upgrades from their basic counterparts (Charger and Supra), and they others stand on their own.  I really like this set, not because they represent Fast & Furious cars, but because they look good.

So we will show off four of the eight cars today.  The other four we will show soon.  We didn’t know how to separate the models into two logical parts, so we got excessively scientific and went with the light-colored cars today, and we will feature the dark-colored cars in a couple a few days later.

So the lighter-colored cars are three Japanese cars and a Chevelle.  Here they all are, with their most closely-resembling counterparts.  Only the Chevelle is a different casting, only because we don’t own another Chevelle.  So we used another ’70 Chevelle casting.

So enjoy the pics, and go get the models you want on ebay if you aren’t near a Walmart…

Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Toyota Supra, Nissan GT-R, Nissan GT-R R34, and ’70 Chevelle SS:

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  1. I think they're ugly. The GTR has nothing different (the mainline is even better looking), the Chevelle is one of the worst casting HW ever made. The Skyline is a mainline with extra tampos. There is nothing extra on this series.

    The Supra is cool, though.

    Let's see the next 4, whick i believe i'll only like the Challenger, for how i suppose they'll detail it.

  2. I would normally agree with you, but I will give them credit for doing fully detailed models and keeping them at the same price point as basics. If they wanted to charge 3 times for these I would have a problem. These I don't. Made to look like the movie cars, and priced right.

    That makes me a big fan of this series.

  3. I dind't know they were costing the same as a regular mainline there. Rumour says that here in Brasil they'll cost around R$10,00 (a mainline costs R$6,00).

  4. I hope they make a casting of the Escort Rally car, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the Jensen Interceptor from FF6.These are all essentially repainted versions of older castings

  5. If they resemble anything like the movie cars, then I might be interested in adding them to my collection. I had no idea that there was a 'Fast and the Furious'line- i'm stoked now!
    The Supra is greatly enhanced compared to the mainline with the little 5sp's.
    I can't wait to get the '70 Charger. Cool! Heck … I might just get the whole batch. Now, if they would do a primered Monte, from Tokyo Drift, that would be awesome! If not, i'll settle for the Chevelle.

  6. Keep in mind that if Mattel decided to create all-new castings for every single car, then it would cost them even more money, as opposed to just throwing on the paint and graphics on them. So therefore, the detail on most of the existing castings are far more cost-effective. In all fairness, they did make an all-new casting for the Supra though.

    At any rate, I am satisfied with the end results. They made the most of what they already had, and it looks just like the cars from the movie. I just hope I can be able to grab some without coughing up grossly exaggerated Ebay prices.

  7. The F5 GTR got trolled by its mainline counterpart. The R34 looks okay with the stripes but that is the only thing common with the movie version. Mainline at least looks original. The Chevelle, I have no words for it. The only one I like is the Supra but that is something which I expect from a mainline. So basically, HW has totally busted this set all in the name of cost-saving. I would much rather have a high-priced and high-detailed premium set than this. On one hand, we have HW throwing Lambos, Fezzas, Huayras and NSXs at us and the other hand, this. Its like they just forget about what they should be doing and what they actually are. I don't mean to be rude but, thats the truth.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  8. The company that customized everything has a chance to make the F&F Supra, and what do they do? Cast a bone stock car, with stock interior, but with the wing on back. No bodykit, racing seats, giant tachometer, nitrous tanks, even the hood is wrong?

  9. When am I going to see this castings in the Northeast? Haven't even got a sniff of the Toyota 2000 GT Mainline!!!!

    Not to mention the newer HW Boulevard Series…..Arrrrrggghhh!

    -Jose, NW Jersey

  10. Man, a lot of hate for these cars. Not totally sure why…

    These are all really nice interpretations considering the tools they had to work with. Though I thought the Skyline was pretty spot on for the movie car from 2F2F. The GTR is rather… pointless, considering it's VERY small roll in the 5th movie (same for the '08 Challenger). The Supra looks great (though I really wish they kept it w/o the top, at least there's mold/body lines to make a custom easier). The Chevelle looks spot-on, if not for the wide rear wheels it'd be basically perfect, IMO.

    The series at least includes 6 key cars from the movies (Supra and Charger from the first movie, the Skyline from the 2nd, Mustang from the 3rd, Chevelle from the 4th and the '11 Charger from the 5th).

    I can hear collectors complaining now about the Challenger, too, screaming that it doesn't have the shaker hood the movie one did. Or the '11 Charger doesn't have the beefed up rear end and cage.

    Hoping they do another set of cars with more key vehicles (Eclipse, Evo, Challenger and Camaro from 2nd, 350Z and Silvia from 3rd, others I'm too tired to list now, LOL).


  11. Doomus I completely agree with you. The hate on these seems a bit misguided, mainly because Mattel has priced these at the exact same cost as the mainlines. If these were $2.97, I would understand collector's frustration, but at $.97 I think these are quite pleasing.

    And since work has already begun on F&F 7, I think we could easily see another set for the next movie, consisting of cars from this movie and others from the past. Of note to us especially is the fact that Paul Walker drove a hakosuka Skyline in the Brazilian favellas in Fast Five. Hmmmmmmm…

  12. Cool set 🙂 I think it would really be cool to see comparisons between some of these new models and their unofficial counterparts that Hot Wheels did before they got the license for certain cars, like this Supra and the Super Tsunami or the McLaren F1 GTR that came out in the speed machines line a couple of years ago and the HW Prototype 12, the Ford GT LM and the 40 Something. just a thought 🙂

  13. I like them all. Bought 7 out of 8 cars. And I appreciate HW for making them. Definitely better these cool vehicles (and movie subject) than ice cream and chocolate or disco music cars. I don't mind that some of the cars aren't exact copies of those in the movies. They are close enough, and that's enough for me. Pricing is also a plus. Now I wish the hoarders left some Mustangs for me to grab only ONE (hey, I'm glad its a curbside casting, the real one from the movie doesn't even have a Ford V8 in it!). I hope there are future new releases of all the cars not picked for this one.

  14. Oh ye the omnipresent, invisible critic: They did the most they could with the casting, while keeping open the option to use it in a more general sense going forward.

    Wrong hood? Nope.

    No bodykit? Here's a stock Mark IV:

    From the looks of it, i'd say they blended ideals from stock trim with those of a subdued generic aftermarket kit.


  15. so let me get this straight… they have the options of putting the evo from Tokyo drift, the veilslide r-x7 from tokio drift, dominics rx-7, the eclipse gsx from the first fast and the furious but they come out with these??? man who is in charge over there…

  16. Man these cars are freaking nice. Who wouldn't want to have them, with the matching color schemes and movie titles on the packaging. To all of yal critics on the negetive, you must have them and not appreciate some new in movie scene cars at $0.97,have seven out of eight, can't wait to get the fast back.

    I'm on your side Mistermiracle.

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