First Look: Hot Wheels Batmobile (Michael Keaton’s Batman version)…

Well it appears that Hot Wheels is trying to build the entire pantheon of Batmobiles.  Starting with George Barris’s all the way through to the Christian Bale Batman, with every movie, tv, and cartoon Batmobile along the way.  We have no idea how many there are, and how many Hot Wheels still has to do.

Well, strangely enough, there has not been the Batmobile from the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman movies in the mainline.  That changes now, with this new casting coming in Batch L.

Plastic body, metal base.  Doesn’t bother us, but I know it bothers some.

We are surely not Batmobile experts here at Lamley, so we will leave the comments up to you.  What do you think?  How does it rank compared to the other Batmobiles?  Which is your favorite?

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Hot Wheels Batmobile (2013 New Models):

13 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Batmobile (Michael Keaton’s Batman version)…”

  1. Keaton's is my favorite Batmobile, but this casting is just a bit too stylized a version of it for my tastes.

  2. How come the HW colorshifter version of this Batmobile89 only release last year has a diecast body and this all plastic? Weird either way its still pretty cool to collect for a serious Batmobile collector like me, but if you want a much better and highly detailed even with head lights and the Bat symbol on the caps of the wheels check out Dream Tomica's Batmobile 89

  3. How many times are they going to keep repeating these car's? We pretty much got Batman like almost the last two years we don't need anymore unless new models are coming up?

  4. The Dream Tomica Batmobiles are the best for this scale but the thing is…
    I keep looking for them but can't find any on shops and malls, even if I do find one, still can't justify its price that already tripled. Well, Thanks to the SCALPERS and HOARDERS that left nothing for us true collectors who don't have that much money.

  5. True mate, todays price for those Dream Tomica Batmobile has indeed tripled, like you I don't have that much money to buy both the Tumbler and Batmobile89, at first I brought the Tumbler as its my second favorite batmobile next only to 89 at a normal mall price, but I got lucky after a few months to find the Batmobile89 at a local hobby shop still with a same mall price and the only last stock left! You need to have patience sometimes on collecting, I have no doubt you will have those Dream Tomica pretty soon…just be patient, it does really pay and good luck finding those bad ass Tomica Batmobile 😉

  6. I hope so dude. Wish I'm lucky like you 'cause you know there's got to be somehow a bit of luck on finding those Batmobiles. But then again, got to run faster and beat “THEM” to the finish line.

  7. Mattel pays a licensing fee to be able to produce these models. They should be selling merchandise since they are paying for the license. It wouldn't make sense for them to not maximize their profits. Besides, every single one sells.

  8. Right on RG, those Batmobile models does sells, even if mattel made a fictitious Batmobile it will still sells quickly as if its a Super Treasure Hunt for the diehard Batman fans or general collectors even Tomica knows this, that why they producing those really highly detailed model that mattel should actually be making for a buck.

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