April 29th Matchbox Ambassador Update: The new Amphi Flyer, an out-of-this-world T2, and other upcoming models…

Greetings once again fellow collectors…

We are back with even more sneaks of upcoming models, this time with “no theme” being the theme.  Last week was street cars, this week is more of a hodge-podge of upcoming models.  So with Mattel’s permission, we will get right to it.

We will start this week with an upcoming Mission Force model.  I like to show first the models that might illicit the strongest reaction, and this one is a definite candidate.  To refresh your memory, the Mission Force sets are themed gift packs that contain one standard model, a Real Working Rig, and two Sky Busters.  Various themes have included Airport, Space, Police, Fire, etc, and now we have a UFO pack.  I don’t know what other models are included in the pack, but I do know we will see a VW T2 Bus:

Yes, your initial reaction might be a little shock, but c’mon, a clean deco over sharp black looks nice.  And I have asked the team if it glows in the dark.  I haven’t heard back.  I guess the only criticism I have of this model is that aliens are so late 90’s, early 2000’s.  Even vampires are out now.  Zombies is the in creature, so I guess we must demand a Zombie-Hunter Mission Force set for 2014.
Next up is a brand new model, the Amphi Flyer.  It is Matchbox’s new hovercraft, the team’s own creation.  You can see three propellers in the back:

And some other new decos for 2013: 

Jeep Wrangler (look for it in the mainline and the Military 5-pack)


Ford F150 SVT Raptor

Coyote 500

Have at it, and let us know what you think.  I am sure there will be a whole array of opinions.

Next week we preview a very new development on Sky Busters.

Until then…

14 Replies to “April 29th Matchbox Ambassador Update: The new Amphi Flyer, an out-of-this-world T2, and other upcoming models…”

  1. Disappointed across the board. At least the VW Bus is part of a theme which helps me a bit with that one. I guess the move back to realism was too expected. More unrealistic castings and decos.


  2. The Raptor has been 'destroyed' with those red windows. Shame on you Matchbox! Didn't expect you to do that to such a lovely truck. The others are okay but not my cup of tea. The only one I like is the Wrangler, but I'm not sure if I'll pick it up.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  3. I haven't collected the modern cars but probably I will change my mind. And then I'm definitely buying The Raptor but in white with De-construction tampo. The red-windows one is a shame…

  4. I'm ok with blue,black and clear glass. The other colors are just awful. I have made my opinion about police castings, just go clear every PD now has clear light bars anyway. The hover I will have to get but it looks off. I don't know if it's over done or misproportioned. It's just got an odd look to it. There all ok but just ok. The Cotoye has run it's corse time to put it to bed. I like the Raptor but the tempos and glass ruin it same with the VW but that can be modded.

  5. Again, where are the NEW models? Just walking into Walmart in the “Blue Section” I see a Lotus Evora GT4, Toyota Celica, 2000GT, Supra, Ferrari Berlinetta, Porsche 918 etc… Matchbox only has 4 new licensed vehicles released as of May, and 2 of them are so customized they can be classified as generics.

  6. This week's vehicles are basically a disappointment across the board, especially after some of the winners last week. The propellers of the Amphi-Flyer clearly couldn't turn in those tall rectangular openings – C'mon, Matchbox, work on those proportions. Red windows on the pickup? WRONG-O! Boats like the Hydroplane ought to come with a trailer instead of wheels on the underside, but that would spoil the price point for them. I'll be giving all of these a miss this time around.

  7. Uhmm… 100% dissapointed with these batch of upcoming models. Just a bunch of non licensed models and ugly theme decos. The Raptor is OK, but c'mon… what were they thinking with the red windows?

  8. I like the VW. But then, I like UFOs. Still. Interested in seeing what the other 3 things in the UFO Mission Force set will be. Expecting to be a bit disappointed. (But, I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the previous Mission Force fire set, totally unexpected and reasonably realistically detailed. So, there's still hope!)

    As to the comments on the “red windows”, Matchbox must be looking at the world through “rose-colored glasses” and hope/expect the consumers will follow suit. For some reason, in this model that red “glass” doesn't bother me. The side tampos, on the other hand, remind me of buying my Ford Ranger 20.5 years ago; I tried to get the dealers to remove the stock, but fortunately subtle, gray side stripes, and they refused because it might damage the paint. I even told them I was buying the truck so it shouldn't matter to them. They refused. I guess Matchbox is like the Ford dealer, or Ford requires such decoration even on scale models…


  9. Nothing outstanding here, will be checking out “New” old issues (10+years). While I don't mind well done tampos…I am not sure what you guys are thinking? Go back and look at Matchbox history, you did not need to slap crappy tampos on everything to sell them. Very few tampos add realism unless you use the tampos for details like trim and lights. Look at it this way design team guys, would you slap that crap on your 1/1 cars and drive them on street? I been collecting Matchbox for 50years, and I do not expect all your issues to be collector (adult) aimed, BUT keep this in mind the adult collector will outspend the kiddies even in the mainline issues if you play the game right. I was not a big fan of Mattel taking over Matchbox from day one, but I have seen glimmers of hope now and then. Keep putting out crap and marginal stuff and I will keep spending my money elsewhere. I dont mind the plastic, nor colored glass to a degree, but fantasy issues and a big percentage of crappy tampos aren't gonna cut it.
    Quicksilver Diecast @ Swifty's & Hobby Talk

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