Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch L is now available at Wheel Collectors…

We will interrupt our regularly scheduled Matchbox Monday to let you all know that Hot Wheels Batch L is now out at Wheel Collectors.  Matt and the gang were very surprised to see the shipment show up today, and called us here to let us know.

Unlike the lackluster Batch K, Batch L is a doozy, starting with the brand new Pagani Huayra and Acura NSX Concept.  Those who have seen these two up-close say they are both beautifully done.  We will be able to see them soon, and will be sure to post First Looks as soon as we have them.  We will also have to check out the new Batmobile.

We are also excited to see a recolor of the Toyota Celica in yellow and Kool Kombi in white.

Check out the entire Batch at Wheel Collectors, and take advantage of their Spring Sale and one-day shipping.  Follow the link below to see all the models:

Hot Wheels Batch L for sale

8 Replies to “Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch L is now available at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. These are great that Camaro TH is a excellent cast. If you could answer a question. I heard a lot about basic THs being discontinued is this true and I also heard there were secret S.W.A.T van THs is any of this fact? I would not mind the basic THs going away. They really are irrelevant and the chances of finding the Supers are probably at 30%. So they really don't matter to me anymore. I gave up the search a long time ago. The Paganni and the Acura are new castings I'm guessing????

  2. Regular THs have not been discontinued. Just search “2013 regular treasure hunt” on ebay and look at all the results. SWAT van is not a TH. Pagani and Acura are both new models.

  3. 30%?!!! Tell me where you buy your stuff then, please hahahahahahha I heard they come at a 1:17 boxes rate, if this is true, then it's 1:1224 (72 cars per box). Sum this, plus the fact that in my goddamned country (Brasil) the very store owners have schemes with people that later will sell the Supers at like, 50 U$ on our national ebay equivalent, “MercadoLivre”, so it's virtually impossible to find them on the pegs cause they don't even get there. So 30% would be awesome hahahahahhaha

  4. I'm afraid that the rubber wheels in that TH Camaro couldn't roll. I bought the black one TH and the rear wheels were blocked. So I removed all rubber wheels into my custom Firebird.

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