Model of the Day: Kyosho Nissan Skyline 2000GT Yonmeri…

I had a bit of a treat this week.

One of the prizes we gave away for the first Lamley Custom Contest was a gift bag from JDM Legends.  If you don’t know what JDM Legends is, check out their website.  If you don’t know what kind of reputation JDM Legends has among the JDM set, just go pull out the Hot Wheels RX-7 from last year, and you will see their logo on the door.  If you need more proof, head over to Speedhunters.

Or watch this:

JDM Legends from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

Or this:

HBTV: Depth of Speed – JDM Legends Restored from Hypebeast on Vimeo.

It is absolutely impossible to leave the JDM Legends shop without feeling that giddiness for nostalgic Japanese cars.  The passion and love for these cars is most certainly contagious, and Eric and Ryan are serious disease carriers.  You start to understand what these cars are about, what makes them great, and why their popularity is soaring.  Then you fall head over heels for them.

Eric and Ryan let me wander around the shop like a kid in a candy store, going from one side of the shop to the other, and then back again.  I had the trusty iPhone and took a handful of photos:

So friends, if skiing, hiking, biking, or driving (trust me, I know where the roads are) are not your thing, maybe a visit to the JDM Legends shop will give you reason to come to Utah.  We promise to keep the Mormon missionaries away from you, and we at Lamley might introduce you to fry sauce and our little vortex of peace, the Spiral Jetty.  And did I mention the speed limit on our highways is 80 mph?

Anyway, this post is not sponsored by the Utah Tourism board, nor is it necessarily a plug for JDM Legends.  It is actually to showcase another Kyosho Skyline.  But here is my point:

During my repeated jaunts around the shop, one of the (inevitable) conversations we had was what car I would like to see them do for me.  Trust me when I say that has been a question I have asked myself 100 times since I first met Eric at last year’s JCCS.  If I had to have one car sitting in my garage, what would it be?  The thoughts quickly flood the mind.  TA22 Celica?  C10 or C110 Skylines with GT-R kits?  240Z?  Something cute like a Sunny?  Even my father’s ’82 sky blue Accord?  All worthy choices.

But if there was one car that speaks to me the most, it would be the 4-door “Yonmeri” Skyline.  The Kenmeri C110 Skyline is an icon, and the Yonmeri is its 4-door brother.  Same lines, same sloping back, same double tail-lights, and most importantly to me, the same surf line.  Ah, that surf line.  You know what I talking about.  You see it, starting right at the front, shooting right through the front fender and along the door until it so gracefully splits into two and orbits the rear wheel.  That is why I want the 4-door C110.  There is no sexier line on a car, and there is no Skyline where it is more pronounced than on the Yonmeri.

So for my car, no GT-R body kits, no flared wheel wells, just the surf line.  Maybe a lower stance and some better wheels.  (Actually, for sure a lower stance and better wheels.)  How about one of these sporting a JDM-L banner on the windshield and LAMLEY on the license plate?

It would look GOOD.  Really GOOD!  So while I dream and figure out how to get one done, I will enjoy the best minicar version of the Yonmeri Skyline.  And surprise!  It is done by Kyosho.

We have two Kyosho Skyline 2000GT’s here at Lamley, and they are featured today.  They are based on the stock version, and as usual with Kyosho, they are pretty much dead on.  Having two stock versions, which sit next to two modified Grand Champion Aoshima versions should tide me over until I get up the gumption to tell Eric to start perusing the listings in Japan for a Yonmeri.  We can all dream, right?

(Find the Kyosho Yonmeri for sale…)

Kyosho Nissan Skyline C110 2000GT:

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  1. Just a fantastic model and a fantastic car. I “discovered” Japanese Nostalgics last year, and have learned a lot about all these cool cars I never knew existed. I like the Kyosho model better than the real cars, because the tires are fat enough to fill the wheel wells. The tiny barrels just don't seem to fit it, IMO. I think it's the surf line; it just looks weird with tiny wheels and low profile tires. Still fantastic, no matter what the wheels are, though.

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