Model of the Day: Matchbox Morgan Aeromax…

Well, it isn’t Matchbox Monday, but we can pretend it is.
During this year while I serve as Matchbox Ambassador, the plan has been to dedicate Mondays to Matchbox, starting with the Ambassador Update in the morning, followed by a Matchbox-focused post in the afternoon.  My time as Ambassador will end in July, and at that point we might do something different, but we won’t change things until then.
One of the elements we have liked best about our Matchbox Mondays has been our partnership with MVE Collectibles.  Tim and MVE are one of the most Matchbox-oriented stores around, and we continue to enjoy working with them.  If you haven’t checked out their store, you most certainly should.   You can even find this post’s feature model there.
Because of a very hectic schedule, this post was slated for Matchbox Monday, but is delayed until now.  But we had to make sure it made it to the blog, because this is one of the coolest models Matchbox has released in the last few years.  Yes, I said “coolest”.  
“Cool” is a word people throw around a lot, and really doesn’t mean much, unless we use it the way it is supposed to be used.  A cool car makes you look.  It is unique.  It makes you jealous of the guy driving it.  People form strong opinions about it, good or bad.  Cool is the Morgan Aeromax.
The Coupe version of the Aero 8, Morgan first new design since 1948, the car shows modern and very classic lines.  It looks like nothing else on the road, unless of course you are at a classic car show.  There are only 100 Aeromax’s made, but luckily Matchbox made a few more mini versions.  And what a job they did.  The Aeromax is really Matchbox at the peak of their design powers.  If you have one in hand look at all the details.  Then look at a few photos of the real thing.  It is almost dead on.

The car is a gem.  Now check out the mini Morgan:
2008 Basic

2009 Best of British

2009 Superfast

2009 Basic

2010 Basic

2011 Basic

The family:

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: Matchbox Morgan Aeromax…”

  1. One of the best British sports cars Matchbox has made recently. And one that hopefully was made more than just a few times. I had a very good chance of picking up the dark green version in one of the stores I visit very often. I don't know what stopped me from getting it but I've been kicking myself ever since. Damn me! This is what Matchbox is best at. Take perfect proportions, details, colour choices and slam it together to create an absolutely wonderful casting. Everything back then was brilliant. I would really like to see this casting back in the mainline in the near future. I hope Matchbox is listening to us!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. I usually like cars like this, but this one is not really my thing. Just because of the back end. I hate that window, I really do. I think Morgan tried too hard to be unique there; looks very awkward, and that is NOT cool. Yeah, I said it. Gotta give any company credit though for designing a modern car with a 1930's silhouette. That takes a lot of balls.

  3. This car deserves a place in the ring of honor. I'm not a fan of these cars but to see history brought back from extinction is masterful. This car is fine automotive art at it's best. What Chevy did with the Camaro and Dodge did with the Challenger and Charger and of course Ford with the Stang. This car as exquisite as it is, is ultimately a throw back to a time gone by. Any auto enthusiast has to feel something when looking at this car. Even the previous poster may have not been ecstatic about it but found the quality in the fact of it's relevance to automotive history.
    I would love to see this cast again and again. It is a treasure to the history of autos. My preference would be as the photo of the real thing reflects. The smoked gray or black with the hint of red in the wheels. It just goes really well together.
    They hit this one right on the nose, absolutely nailed it!

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