A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT & Matchbox ’61 Jaguar E-Type…

Are we the first ever to compare the Toyota 2000GT to the Jaguar E-Type?


Pretty much anybody with even a remedial knowledge of autos has compared the two, at least if they are familiar with the Toyota.   The E-Type instantly comes to mind when you see the Toyota, and if you read the history of the 2000GT you learn that it is no coincidence.  The E-Type is obviously the more well-known of the two, and one of the most iconic cars ever, not to mention one of the prettiest.  But the Toyota is an icon in its own right, being the first Japanese supercar, and the first indication of Toyota’s forthcoming world dominance.  And among JDM fans, there is a certain reverence.  Japanese car events might be filled with 510’s and Skylines, but if even one 2000GT is there, car geeks approach it like an Italian grandmother approaches the Pope.

So here we have two cars that demand equal respect, so any comparisons are not done to crown a winner.  That appears to be Motor Trend’s approach as well when they put them to the test.

Well we wanted to do it too.  And now that Hot Wheels has done the Toyota, we can.  We will let Motor Trend educate you on the two cars in the article linked above, while we show Mattel’s contribution to the legacy that these two long-distance siblings share.

The Matchbox E-Type casting that we are using is the Mattel Matchbox version released in 2006.  There is a Lesney casting as well, but for comparison’s sake it makes sense to use the newer casting.  The particular red version in the photos is actually the very first version released back in 2006.  Since then it has been a very popular model, with Matchbox producing at least 20 different versions, in red, white, black, green, zamac, red again, light blue, dark blue, light blue again, orange, and on and on.  Hopefully the HW 2000GT sees that kind of production as well, including the Shelby Racing version that we were supposed to see last year in the Hot Wheels Racing line (seeing that this was the original purpose for the casting really stings):

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Matchbox Jaguar E-Type & Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT:

Didn’t think we would forget the Super, did you?  Matchbox has the equivalent for that one as well:


6 Replies to “A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT & Matchbox ’61 Jaguar E-Type…”

  1. I have to say, the more I see that 2000GT, the more I like it. Still not really my thing, but it is a very nice casting. Like many, I wish the Racing series one was released (along with all the rally cars that didn't make it, but that's another issue).

    Very nice!


  2. Both are absolutely fantastic cars, as miniatures and also in real life. One wants to be the prettiest car in the world while the other wants to let the world know that there is more to it than meets the eye. I love both of them, but if given the choice, I would pick the Jag. It is a legend in its own right. To me, nothing (except 1 or 2 other things) matters more than looks, and the E-type is the clear winner. Its really unfortunate that I didn't get the chance to pick it up when it was available. Matchbox, can we please have the Jag back in the mainline? Thank you for the review and pictures!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  3. I hate it when folks call the 2000GT an E-Type ripoff. If anybody spends enough observation on the design, then you can see the little subtle differences on the 2000GT. One other car you could compare it to, is the Ferrari Daytona. It's kinda got some of that Daytona thing going on.

    Such a beautiful car. Can't see how anybody would dislike a vehicle like this, whether it's the true-to-life example, or, even the diecast version.

  4. Thank you once again. I am not a collector of JDM. But I collect castings of cars I like. Before Mattel produced this casting I wasn't aware this car existed. Now that I do I am I love with it. Again I'm not a Japanese car lover and I only say that to emphasize how much I reall like this car. This is a diecast i mst have in my collection. I have the 100% e-type and many other cars i found to beautifullly done. I collect what I like, and I really like this. The e-type is one of the sexiest car ever produce in my opinion. These are definitely two different cars. Both are special in their own was and very nicely cast.


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