First Look: Hot Wheels HW Pursuit…

Uh, are you starting to notice a theme this week?  Look at both of yesterday’s Matchbox Monday posts.  Any idea what kind of model will accompany our Batch K First Look as the Model of the Day tomorrow?

With one major exception, we here at Lamley would not call ourselves fans of non-licensed Hot Wheels models.

We don’t mind them, as they are a major and vital part of the Hot Wheels tradition and focus.  We just don’t collect them.  At this point you would probably expect us to say something like:

“With all that said, this new non-licensed model is fantastic!”

Well, sorry to disappoint, but we don’t know yet.  We have it in hand, it has been rolled across the desk, its design has been admired, but we will settle with:

“With all that said, this new non-licensed model is intriguing.”

The model in question is the new HW Pursuit.  It is surely a fantasy model, not necessarily Mad Max, but more Hot Pursuit.  A low profile, a rocket in the back, it is made to catch felons racing the video game streets in Bugattis and Zondas.  So that is where it should go.

It is certainly a cool looking model, but whether or not it goes into the Lamley collection remains to be seen.  Actually, it won’t.  Who are we kidding?  But a lot of you will probably really dig this one.  You should…

(Find the HW Pursuit and the rest of Batch K at Wheel Collectors)

Hot Wheels HW Pursuit (2013 New Models):

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels HW Pursuit…”

  1. Don't like it! HW hasn't mad a decent police Crusier since the olds. They should just stay away from them jmo…..

  2. I like it. It has good detailing potential. There have been many many great no licensed Hot Wheels casting over the years that respond really well to some realistic enhancements, beginning with removing the often cheesy tampos. Of course lots of them are ridiculous and aimed at 8 year olds too, with exaggerated engines, wheels and proportions. I'm a big hater of the Fatbax, Drop Tops and Tooned series, among others.

  3. I admire it as well although I wonder why the HW brand 2011 Dodge Chargers started out in the form of a civilian version than came along the fire dept's version but never the police version of the 2011 Dodge Charger police car? Anyhow I hope it “hits” Canadian store shelves as soon as possible since I reside in Canada.

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