First Look: Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota Truck…

In an earlier post, I mentioned that for Hot Wheels in 2013, it is the year of the Toyota.  Even with Lamborghini and Corvette celebrating anniversaries, let’s look at how Toyota has taken over Hot Wheels:

– 3 New Models – Celica, Supra, and 2000GT (officially not a new model, but it did debut in the 2013 range)

– 6 models in the basic range – the 3 new models, plus the Tundra, ’87 Pickup, and AE86

– 2 Super Treasure Hunts – 2000GT and the Tundra

That is a lot of attention.  Is it on par with the normal Mustang and Camaro coverage?  Of course not, but I know a lot of us here are pretty damn happy to see 6 different Toyota models in the mainline.  And that doesn’t account for the ’82 Supra in Flying Customs as well as the special Fast and Furious Supra.

But let’s focus on one Toyota, the ’87 Toyota Truck, just released in basic Batch K.  It has been 8 months since the Hot Ones version was released, and looking back it is interesting to see how scarce it actually was.  Right after its release to hobby dealers, Mattel announced that the Hot Ones lines would be discontinued in favor of the Flying Customs line, and many models didn’t make it to the big box stores. Other new models like the ’82 Supra and Subaru BRAT suffered the same fate, and now they are all highly sought after.

In fact, Hot Ones Batch P and Batch R remain scarce, and it will stay that way.  Where all the extras produced are, we will never know.  That is way too bad.  I think with lines like that, Hot Wheels should never save the best for last.  We may not see them.  The list of casualties is depressing.

But with the introduction of new models, no matter where they debut, means we will surely see them again.  And here we are, with a beautiful Toyota Truck in the mainline for everyone to enjoy.  And it looks good.  We could do with some different wheels, as those off-roaders look tremendously dated, but the black with side deco works.  And we all know that the first no tampo version officially is Marty McFly’s truck.  So we have that going for us, which is nice.

Speaking of, let’s cross our fingers that we see more Retro Entertainment models in the future.  If we can get Ferris Bueller’s sister’s Fiero, we most certainly can get Marty’s truck.  It seems like a no-brainer, and I am shocked it didn’t happen this year.  In the future, I hope.

For now, enjoy this version.  A recolor must be in order as well.  No matter the color, this is definite must have for the Lamley collection…

(Find the ’87 Toyota and the rest of Batch K at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota Truck (2013 Mainline):

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  1. From what I noticed, batch P (w/ the Toyota truck, Torino and Blazer retools) and batch Q (with the '71 Mustang, '84 SVO, and Caddy Seville retool) appeared to be the hardest to find based on reports on HWC. I made a post in the finds section, asking what people were finding at their Dollar Trees, where cases of Hot Ones were showing up. It seems these two mixes only hit the south-east portion of the US (Florida, Georgia, both Carolinas) and nowhere else, where as batches R (final 9-car mix) and N (w/ VW Sunagon, Hare Splitter retool) showed up in the north-east stores, and some mid-west if I recall correctly. Other areas got cases of earlier mixes (we even did too).

    Hope this mainline release of that Toyota truck isn't hoarded too bad, definitely have to find one!


  2. However, I got mi own custom Marty's Truck, or at least the closer it can be; Marty's truck is a Extra-Cab Toyota

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