First Look: Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 recolor in blue…

Hmmmm, don’t you think we have spent enough time on the E30?  I think a few folks that aren’t paying attention might glance at this post and think we just posted another custom that we forgot to show this weekend.  Someone just dyed the body and swapped the wheels.

But no, this is a legit Hot Wheels-released model.  And like its grey predecessor, it looks great.

There seems to be a trend this year that we haven’t seen as much in previous years, and that is using different wheels on recolors.  In the past, you could count on a model being recolored, but the wheels remaining the same.  Not this year.  Many models reappear recolored and with different wheels, and it changes the whole look of the model.  We like that.

On the blue E30 the chrome-lipped PR5’s almost look stock.  But you can say the same for the gold lace wheels on the grey version.  Each model takes on a very different look, and both work very well.

And with that, I think we will move on.  We have said enough about the E30 here on the blog.  If you don’t know that this is personally one of my favorite releases this (or any) year, you haven’t been paying attention.

And it does not disappoint at all in blue…

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Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 (2013 mainline recolor):

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 recolor in blue…”

  1. Gorgeous! I think I like this more than the silver version. Main reason being the simple tinted windows as opposed to the gold ones of the silver. Not to say the silver is bad, but it kinda looks like a 'collector's car' while this has a more 'stock-ish' look, which I love. PR5s work very well, yes. Also I think the blue makes it look more elegant. Conclusion – I'm gonna get this instead of the silver. Thank you for the pictures!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. Mr. Black said it best, the blue definitely makes it so much more elegant. I even like the wheels on that one too. One thing I do love about the silver one though, is the return of the lace wheels. The blue would also look incredible in silver laces, maybe even the gold ones as well.

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