As is the Custom: A look at all the LCC1 Category B submissions…

Hello dear friends.

In lieu of the standard “As is the Custom” post this week, we thought we would dedicate this space to all the Category B submissions for the First Lamley Custom Contest.

We have gotten another enormous amount of submissions for this week’s custom post, but we will hold off until next week.  Plus, being up to our ears in BMW customs should allow us to take at least one week off, right?

But we will be getting right back to it in the coming week with the announcement of the Lamley Custom Contest 2.  We have the details worked out, and it should be fantastic contest.  We can’t wait to tell you about it, so keep checking back for the announcement sometime mid to late next week…

But that is for later.  For now, let’s take a look at those fantastic submissions from Category B, which were more mild customs, like wheel swaps, repaints, and small modifications.

If you missed the Category B Top 10, find it here.  And also take a gander at the Category A Top 10 and submissions.

We want to once again let you all know how overwhelmed we were with the response, and how great it was to go through all these amazing works of art.  Thanks to all of you for making this first contest such a success!

Now on with it…

Vinnie Tran

Coches Chilangos (Cano)

Thomas Gonçalves

blistercards (Instagram)

Tim Mar

Jon Molina (demonviper instagram)

Afiq Feisal

Owen Petersen

Andy Wong

Chris Chen

Ben Kiehn


Hongmai Chen

Robert Quinones

Brandon Thai

Hanzel Conchas

Jonathan Molina

Keith Carter

Sean Mckim

Paul B

Dillon Olsen

Benjamin Brock

Tom Hohman

Nick Ocon

Arnel Scott

Tim Hess

William Kurtz de Cesaro

Andi Indra

Joseph Gonzalez


Zach Buchowski

6 Replies to “As is the Custom: A look at all the LCC1 Category B submissions…”

  1. Sloppy sloppy sloppy =D
    Well not all. Iv painted mini models since i was abut eight.. Its beyond me how people struggle to paint simple trims..

  2. So which one did you do? Anonymous, huh? You must be like the most awesome dude of all time. It's beyond me how we all struggle at life and could never be as good as the great Anonymous.
    Everyone who entered did an awesome job. You sir, can go suck a fart.

  3. Sean Mckim is my favourite, if only Zack Buchowski put chrome wheels with redline tires but his detailings are awesome for a noobiez like me =D

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