Lamley Custom Contest #1: A look at all the Category A submissions…

It has been very hard to hold on to these photos and not share them with anyone but the judges.  We are used to showing off all the customs we receive in our weekly “As is the Custom” feature, for all to enjoy.  But in this case we had to hold onto them, make no comments on the amazing work, and wait for the judging to play out.

So we are very happy to finally show these off to the world.

We will start with the remaining Category A submissions.  Category B will be a little later.  You will easily be able to see that coming up with a Top 10 was very hard for the judges.

In case you missed it, the Category A Top 10.

Now on with the others:

Matt Newell – Kool Kombi’s BMW cousin:

Andy Truong –


Rick Groshek

Miguel Lopez

Dean Idris

Putera Terbuang

Jon Sikora

Buck Spivey

Nick Ocon

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