April 14 Matchbox Ambassador Update: Brand new Dodge Charger Police and other sneaks…

Greetings fellow collectors, and happy tax day for you folks in the USA…

First off, thanks for your patience last week.  A lack of sneaks coupled with a heavy travel day meant we skipped the Update last week.  But we are back with a slew of good stuff this week.

So we will just get right to it.

(As always, all photos are shown with permission from Mattel.)

We are starting with a model that has been on many of our “most-anticipated” lists since it was announced at the Matchbox Gathering back in…do you remember…July of 2011(!?!)  Mattel announced this new model back then as a 2012 entry, but due to some complications it was delayed until 2013.

So almost two years later we finally have our first glance at the MB846 Dodge Charger Police Pursuit, and from my vantage point it was well worth the wait:

When the 2006 Dodge Charger was used as a police car, many were unhappy with the fact that it did not sport a light bar up top and push bars out front.  Never fear, as you can see that the new Charger remedies all that, and it looks sharp.  It is a true police car casting, and further strengthens the arsenal of Matchbox police tools, including the Ford Interceptor, Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru WRX, Dodge Monaco, and Lamborghini Gallardo, among others.  Not a bad mix.  I sense this model now and with future liveries will be a hit with police and Matchbox collectors.  Hopefully we see a model soon with those signature Charger tail lights.

For the rest of the sneaks, we will stay with a “utility” theme.  All of these models are existing castings, but with new decos for 2013:

First off, the current Ambassador’s favorite construction model, the Scraper, going a little Zamac and sporting the new utility wheels:

And another construction vehicle, the Ground Breaker:

Next is the Humvee, which will look nice sitting next to the new International MXT MVA in desert livery.

And the Chevy Transporter as an airport van:

And lastly, the Vintage Ice Cream Truck a purple and orange outfit:

That is it for now.  Next week we will go with a street car theme, showing another upcoming 60th Anniversary model, in all its British glory, as well as a handful of other realistic-looking street cars.

Until then…

9 Replies to “April 14 Matchbox Ambassador Update: Brand new Dodge Charger Police and other sneaks…”

  1. Mother of all holy grail! The Dodge Charger Pursuit is finally here! Why did it took you so long to post the update? Nevermind though, it was worth the wait. Such an awesome casting this is. With the separate light bar and windows, it allows us to have the ever-wanted clear windows, so bonus points there. And the livery is realistic enough to not cause any rage. 5sp wheels work very well indeed. Now I'm sure everyone will be wanting to see a 'Fast Five' version of this one in Brazilian Police livery ehh?

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. YAY, Something worth having…LOL… the Dodge is by far teh best release for a while, now, will you please show us the Evoque, i am getting very impatient.

  3. Just to clarify, this Charger represents the second generation car, not the same model Matchbox did around 2005, so it's all new and welcomed. I hope we can see it also done civilian, as detailed as that first casting was when first released in burgundy.

  4. I'll agree that the Charger was worth the wait. That and the Ice Cream Van are definite purchases.

    The Scraper looks good with the new wheels.

    The Chevy Transporter looks too close to the one included in the 2012 Airport Ground Crew 5-Pack. Could have used a different main color, maybe red or black.


  5. The Charger is worth the wait as long as it makes it's rounds. I'm glad to see MB going back to construction yellow. Also glad to see another military vehicle just why are they not using US or UK liveries? These generic tempos don't fit just don't use any then. One last thing I love the police vehicles but why not just leave the light bars clear? I mean most police, fire and ems units have clear bars now with the colors on the inside. The low profile bar is where it's at it almost can't be seen. Get this less plastic too they can save a penny. The bar they used on the Evo was perfect. Even the one on the Crown Vic was great just keep it clear.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels
    Not knocking anything love these profiles just making a suggestion seems they may be listening…

  6. Since I reside in Canada I hope the Matchbox brand 2012 Dodge Charger cop cars will “hit” Canadian store shelves as soon as possible.

  7. The 2012 Dodge Charger die cast police car has so far not appeared in any of my local store shelves but does anyone know if it appeared at any store shelves in the States? Like I indicated from above that I hope it soon appears in Canadian store shelves.

  8. An update. A few of the die cast 2012 Dodge Charger cop cars were sold recently at my hometown Toys 'R' Us and one of the local Wal Marts where I was able to purchase them.I'm satisfied as some may expect.

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