The customs of Wandi Hussain, Part 1…

We love posting “As is the Custom” every week, but occasionally we have to pull some photos from that post and feature the work of one artist.

This week we are very happy to display the work of Wandi Hussain.  We first met Wandi over Facebook, and we were instantly in awe of his attention to detail and amazing way of making minicars look so real.  As we watched the events from last month’s HWC-Malaysia dinner unfold, we could not help but notice that many of the giveaways bore the signature look of Wandi’s work.  So we contacted him and he was more than happy to share his work.

We hope you enjoy the pics.  We will let you know make your own comments.  No need for us to tell you how good these are…

(Thanks Wandi.)

4 Replies to “The customs of Wandi Hussain, Part 1…”

  1. Cool stuff. The squadron is sweet, and so is the red Thunder Roller. Looks like it has had quite a bit of subtle chopping.
    Racing to finish a custom for this week's As Is…don't know if I'll make it.

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