As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending April 6, 2013…

Wow, this is getting nuts.  But we love it.

Between the attention that the Lamley Custom Contest has gotten, as well as the Lamley Group’s foray onto Instagram, our weekly custom post has literally blown up.  We are getting an enormous amount of submissions, and going through them is an absolute blast.

When we first started doing this, most of what we would show came from what we would see in our regular perusal of websites and forums, but as this post grows in popularity, that has shifted to customs submitted directly to us.  And they are coming in droves.

So we think we should clarify a few things:

  • We cannot guarantee that we will show your custom.  If we displayed all we get, this post would have well over 100 to 150 photos.  And it does not always mean we didn’t like what you sent in. We just may not have had room.  Or we may just have forgotten as we put the post together.  So feel free to send it again if you don’t see it.
  • We much prefer that you send images to our email address –  We do go through what is submitted on Facebook, but have noticed that if a lot is submitted on FB, some customs can get buried and we miss them.  We will always look at what is posted there, but the best chance for us to see it is by email.
  • Instagrammers, when you post a photo of a custom on IG, hashtag it with #thelamleygroup and #lamleycustoms so we are guaranteed to see it.  Or if you see something you like, hashtag it as well.  We will review what is tagged on a daily basis, and may invite you to send it to us.  When you do email us, be sure to include your IG handle, so we can use it when we post pics.  But once again, even if we ask you to send it in, we cannot guarantee we will show it.
We hope that makes sense.  We LOVE showing these customs every week, and we also love that you guys have made Lamley a custom hub for artists from all over the world.
Now speaking of the Lamley Custom Contest, the judging is almost finished, and we will post the winning submissions starting most likely on Tuesday.  We have separated the submissions into two categories, A and B.  Category A consists of elaborate modifications, and Category B more repaints, mild modifications, and wheel swaps.  We will start by showing the Category B Top 3 (who will qualify for a prize), then the Top 10, then all submissions.  We will follow up that with Category A a day or two later.
Lastly, we are already working on the next Lamley Custom Contest.  We have been noting what has worked and what needs to be tweaked from the BMW contest, and we hope to have a smooth running machine for the next contest.  The ideas are in place, and we think you guys are going to love tackling the subject of the LCC #2…
Alright, that is enough talk.  On with this week’s customs…
Out Custom of the Week goes to Kiel Weber, aka @skytops on IG.  We are absolutely in love with this Superbird Funny Car, and Kiel, we think you should keep the black.  That is one mean machine:

We also want to give an honorable mention to Instagram user @hotwheelguru, who submitted these extremely crisp and springtime-celebrating beauties.  Plus, we love seeing the first custom jobs on the 510 Wagon:

And lastly, as part of a trio of Customs of the Week, another honorable mention to Jeffrel Sto. Domingo, for his Kenmeri and Celica.  While the actual custom may not be that involved, we will always acknowledge good photography:

Now on with the others we chose this week:

Dennis Leung

Shawn Sawyer

pharo13 – HWC

Chris Craft

Evilsonicz Customs

@hotwh33ls – IG

Shafic So Sweet – Hot Wheels Club Mexico

Putera Terbuang

Hadi’s Artworks

Vincent Steinmetz

@Ideadwalk_coastin – IG

Adhi Ceper

@andersbergvall – IG

Miguel Lopez

Balázs Kisgyörgy

Mass Putra

Cano – GTPlanet


Paul B

@diecastxaddict – IG

@ragingduck – IG

Martin Seidel


@bobbysanders22 – IG

@mrsenctvt – IG

Brandon Thai

Kyle Calimquim

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  1. Wow!!!! So cool man! Thanks for showcasing me!!! Is theyre any way to get some of where these guys work? Id love to see more custom pieces by them. Thanks again guys! I will have others done soon. Class starts soon so itll be crunch time.

  2. They'd be smarter if they made their own website that showcases their work. I started making my own blog as a result. You can check out what I'm working on at the moment if you just click on my name.

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