First Look (and Variation Alert): Hot Wheels Toyota AE86 in white, plus a transitional variation…

Oh, What a Feeling!! week continues with our look at yet another Hot Wheels Toyota.

This time it is a model that has been hitting the pegs already, so many of you already have it in hand.  The Toyota AE86 has had a nice run this year, looking dapper in its panda deco.  Hot Wheels decided to go complicated on the recolor, just reversing the colors.

I will say the white doesn’t have the looks of the black, but it is still nice to have.  I wonder if we will see one more recolor this year.  Perhaps a red and black version?  Fingers crossed.

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Hot Wheels Toyota AE86 (2013 Basic recolor):

Which leads us to a variation.  In the batch before this one, the Zamac exclusive dump bins also had a few of the black AE86’s thrown in.  Among those, a very small number have appeared with the white-rimmed MC5’s, instead of the standard chrome-rimmed wheels:

Not the most exciting variation ever, but if you are wheel variation collector, its on the list.
I don’t have entire Hot Wheels AE86 collection, but I am happy with the loose collection so far:
2006 FTE grey

2006 FTE white

2010 5-pack

2012 Decades

2013 black/white

2013 small 5-spokes (found in gift pack)

2013 white-rimmed transitional

2013 white/black

Not pictured, the 2006 3-spoke vary, which I have carded.  Not bad, eh?

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