A Lamley Custom Contest Update, plus a list of our judges…

Hey folks just a quick update on this plethora of customized BMW’s we are sorting through.

As we mentioned before, we received a total of 71 submissions, which is just plain exciting.  It is way more than we anticipated, but we are sorting them through.  We are learning as we go, and noting what works and what doesn’t, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.  We WILL be doing more of these contests, and we want to make sure they run as smoothly as possible.

So, here is what is happening behind the scenes at the moment:

We have separated the entries into two categories, one for elaborate customs with involved modifications (Category A), and one for repaints and wheel swaps (Category B).  Right now the judges are working on Category B, and coming up with a Top 10.  We will first announce the Top 3, who are eligible for prizes, and then profile the remaining Top 10.  When that is done, we will then display all the Category B submissions.  We will follow the same process with Category A.  I promise you won’t want to miss those posts.

So prizes are all lined up, and we will announce those later, but what about those judges?  Well, we have called on a group of great Lamley friends and experts in their fields to judge.  Here they are, in case you want to bribe them (just kidding):

Ben Hsu, Editor-in-Chief at Japanese Nostalgic Car

Ricky Silverio, minicar & 1:1 guru at JNC

Jeff Koch, Automobile writer at Hemmings Motor News

Eric Bizek, shop manager at JDM Legends

Mark Jones, aka master modeler & customizer Scale-Master

Tim Phelps, flame painter extraordinaire (he wrote the book on it)

Felix Kwong, owner at Daboxtoys (DMC)

Matt Bradshaw, owner at Wheel Collectors

Tim Pagano, owner at MVE Collectibles

We are very grateful to each of these folks for taking their time to do this, and you will see that each of them brings a different perspective to the judging.  They have the photos in hand, they are unaware of who did what, so the customs are being judged neutrally.  We at Lamley are not judging, in case you didn’t know.

So once again, thanks everyone for your patience as we filter through all these amazing customs.  Keep checking back for updates, and I promise the payoff will be worth it.

4 Replies to “A Lamley Custom Contest Update, plus a list of our judges…”

  1. It's going to be a lot of work for them, but I think it would be a brilliant idea if each judge wrote up about a paragraph about why they choose who they will choose to be winners. I want to learn about how they see custom diecasts.

  2. OmFg Jeff Koch. I grew up reading Hot Rod back when he was part of the staff and I always liked his style and the style of everyone involved at the time, they all were a huge influence on me when I started doing work for magazines and still are, after almost a decade. Way WAY excited that Koch is judging my car :0

  3. OmFFFFg Jeff Koch replied to me. I'm not breathing well :0

    Don't blush. You and Basketball and Magnante and all that bunch made a great job, you gave the magazine an informative and fun direction combined with junkyarding that was dinamyte to read, it was useful while being fun. Ever since I've been writing automotive stuff I've struggled to do just that, that whatever I write is worth something to someone, somewhere. You all had a big influence in that.

    As for the pikcs and the customs and all that, it doesn't matter in the slightest, I'm going to try to participate in as many Lamley contests as I can chew, so I hope to see you around judging (: thanks for the reply, Jeff.

    Btw, you're also the same guy who now and then posts at Japanese Nostalgic Cars, right?

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