First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra…

Oh what a feeling!!  Toy-yo-ta!!

Anyone jumping in the air yet?

If you look at the last two posts, we went full-on Toyota with a First Look at the 2000GT $uper, combined with yesterday’s Model of the Day, the Kyosho AE86.  We decided we would stick with that theme here on Friday with two more posts dedicated to Toyotas.  Later we will showcase the recolor of the Hot Wheels AE86, as well as let you know of a cool variation to look out for.

But for now lets take a gander at the brand new Hot Wheels Toyota Supra.  I would say it is pretty obvious that this model was made specifically for the upcoming Fast and Furious set.  The most telling feature is the spoiler, which resembles the Fast and Furious version instead of the stock spoiler.  So the next question might be why are they doing two versions of the Supra, one for the F&F line, and one for the basic range?  And why make them look exactly the same save for some more detailing on the F&F version?

My guess is that this basic range version we are showing today is one of many entertainment cars Hot Wheels has been releasing lately.  This Supra sits next to the A-Team Van, the Ecto-1, KITT and others as movie cars that have made their debut in the basic range, only to appear again in far more detail in a more specialized line.

So while the more detailed version, with more appropriate wheels, makes its way to us, we will take a look at the basic range Supra.  All in all, the model is great.  All the right lines are there, except for that spoiler.  It does detract, but not enough to make me like this model a lot less.  I am still trying to figure out why they chose to go with the 5-spoke wheels instead of 10sp or even MC5’s.  But alas, is it was it is, and we are thrilled to have a more current Supra in the lineup.  I am sure we will see some splendid versions in the future, including that F&F version that cannot come soon enough…

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Hot Wheels Toyota Supra (2013 New Models):

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra…”

  1. I wish it was stock.
    The first two F&Fs had cars that represented all that was bad in the tuner scene. Look at that ridiculous wing and hilarious graphics.

  2. I like everything about it. The stock round spoiler looked better in my opinion. But the car still looks cool though, and it's a miracle they even made it at all. Of course I will buy it; it was worth the wait!

  3. This is rubbish. Hot Wheels, I am disappointed. Seriously, why create a lovely premium line model and downgrade it to fit the mainline rather than creating a good mainline car and then increasing it's details (like sponsor stickers and light details) for the premium line? If this is going to continue, then I'm not buying these cars cause its money wasted. I had much higher hopes from this car, which have all been destroyed. Hopefully in the future they will release a proper mainline version, with better wheels and a bit more detail, like the Celica and 86. Until then…..

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  4. The first one I get is getting the wing removed and a new paintjob, wheels and detailing. The way it sits stock just looks too plain. They should have put PR5s or 10 spokes on it .. MC5s just don't look good on newer cars they should be for the muscle cars. Some regular silver OH5s would look perfect on this

  5. You can't please everyone all the time. I thing it's a killer casting, embracing the spirit and tradition of the retail store peg Hot Wheels car. And like Kyle says, it was worth the (long) wait. Also, you must appreciate it the context or time. TF&TF1 is what?, 12 years old. So don't criticize the casting for its 12 year old graphics and orange color. These were cool back then. I hope all F&F cars of all movies, especially the later muscle cars, are reproduced in both Mainline and Premium liveries.

  6. One can't deny that the casting looks a little dated considering the spoiler and wheels.
    But consider for a moment the growing numbers of customizers out there. This casting is like a blank canvas. Also, I'm sure Mattel is watching websites, blogs and social medias as to what will be created. Maybe a premium based on customs and current trends?
    Lastly, “You still owe me a 10 second car”.

  7. I wish it came out in half the time. A decade ago I was begging for the car to come out. I wish to get the headlines painted with the premium edition.

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