Hot Wheels Basic Batch J, Boulevard N, and Matchbox R are now available at Wheel Collectors (Plus a Facebook giveaway)…

Just a heads up that Matt at Wheel Collectors called to say they had a bit of an overwhelming day at their office today.  Three different assortments arrived today, and they are now available for purchase.

Before we get to what arrived, one other heads up that Wheel Collectors is giving away a set of N case Boulevard cars, which you can see below.  All you have to do is Like their Facebook Page.  Once they hit 700 Likes, they will draw a winner.  Good luck!

Now on with what is in the store…

First up is Hot Wheels Batch J, which has a very nice mix of JDM goodies, including the Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt, Toyota Supra, and black recolor of the Nissan Skyline.

Then Hot Wheels Boulevard Batch N continues its amazing run in 2013 with the Chevy Astro Van, Subaru BRAT, and Ford GT LM.

And lastly, Matchbox joins the party with its R case, including the Lamborghini Gallardo Police and Subaru Impreza Police.

Some nice models that we plan on showcasing later this week.  But be sure to grab them at Wheel Collectors, and mention Lamley to receive 10% off your entire order…

Find them here:

Hot Wheels Batch J

Hot Wheels Boulevard Batch N

Matchbox Batch R

6 Replies to “Hot Wheels Basic Batch J, Boulevard N, and Matchbox R are now available at Wheel Collectors (Plus a Facebook giveaway)…”

  1. I collect only American cars from 60's and 70's, but this 1954 Jaguar is awesome (in my favorite color!) and I'll buy it if I find. E-Type is another one I wish to have. Dominik

  2. Hi, I'm new to HW and maybe this is a dumb question but after batch H is batch J? Is there even a batch “I”?

  3. We've seen two different International J case assortments in our area – freshly opened cases – JJA and JJC. Neither contained the orange F&F Toyota Supra! Watching online unboxing videos JJG seems to be the earliest J case assortment with them inside. We thought it is odd because on the Sneak Peaks section has the orange F&F Toyota Supra and only mentions “J case” (no subcodes). Any thoughts?

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