First Look: Matchbox 60th Anniversary Land Rover Defender 110 & Urban Tow Truck…

After the Routemaster, Renault Ambulance, and Aston Martin DBS, we are to the last models of Matchbox 60th Batch C.  If you think you are detecting a pattern in how I am showing these, you are probably right.  The Aston is easily my favorite of the batch, the Routemaster is great, and the Renault is a very curious model.  While the Urban Tow Truck generates no interest from me, the Land Rover does, but not as much as the others.  
That being said, this Defender 110 is one of the best versions yet.  That is saying a lot, considering this model seems to be a go-to for the Matchbox team.  Since its debut in 2006, it has been used multiple times each year since.  It received a slight modification last year, moving to a part-plastic roof, and the air intake was switched to the proper side.  And now after all that it looks great.  It only took seven years, but the Defender 110 now sits in all its glory in G4 Challenge Livery.  Was it worth the wait?  I will let you answer that.
Oh, and there is an Urban Tow Truck, if you are into that sort of thing…
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Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110 (60th Anniversary):

Matchbox Urban Tow Truck (60th Anniversary):

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