First Look: Hot Wheels Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701…

Well, like last year’s Batman “The Bat”, we have another Hot Wheels model without wheels.  Some seem to be quite bothered by this.  Yes, not wheels makes it a bit difficult to race down the track.


If you had an opportunity to further your foray into the world of entertainment licensing, creating a vehicle from one of the most popular movie franchises ever, wouldn’t you?  Bat cars, spaceships, cartoon mystery vans, talking cars, you name it.  I’d do it.  Now ask if I would collect them.  The answer would probably be no.  ALTHOUGH, after seeing the list of upcoming Retro Entertainment cars, I might collect quite a few.  Ferrari 250 Californias and a slew of Minis will do that to a collector.

So, this lad has no problem with the Enterprise taking a spot in the basic lineup.  And the model is actually quite a neat little treat.  The stand on which the Enterprise sits shares the outline of the Starfleet emblem, and there is a decent amount of metal to give the model a little more weight than you would think.  So…winner in the Lamley book.

We were lucky enough to come across two of these on the pegs.  Unless Mattel follows the Angry Birds model and releases the Enterprise in several batches, those may be the only two we find.  It is bound to be a very popular model.  That is what you get when you have a model desired by both Hot Wheels collectors and maybe the most dedicated fans of all, Trekkies.  Good luck sharing the diecast aisle with them.  If you do want one, ebay might be a decent route…

Hot Wheels Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (2013 New Models):

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701…”

  1. That might not be what I collect either. But I gotta admit, it is pretty cool, especially after going over details. You can tell Mattel spent a lot of attention with this one. Whoever buys it though will be in for a pleasant surprise.

  2. nice article. I saw this was coming out then forgot. I came across 2 today actually looking for the flintstone mobile that I heard came out/coming out. This little enterprise is awesome to see in the 97 cent pacts and a nice little enterprise too. Never been a big HW fan, just Johnny lightning for the details. But when I saw the entertainment series on the rack (particularly Ecto-1) I started collecting them. Way to go HW, you grabbed my attention again

  3. i work at sears. we have spinners with random toys and such on them. i was pleasantly surprised when i was stocking them with new freight when i pulled out the ENTERPRISE hot wheels toy. i was secretly freaking out. only 2 came in the box, so i stashed one for myself. before tax it was only a $1.29. so happy i found this!!!

  4. ho wheels coming out with a retro entertainment version of this for 2014, sugarglide82 on ebay has them right now for pre order, I vouch for them as I have made numerous purchases from them and they have always cam through, also they have the other new retro entertainment A case cars as well, I have already got the dodge macho power wagon on pre order with them and they said those are selling fast

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