First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt…

Well, I think you would have to be living under the proverbial rock to now know about this one.  The word got out around the New Year that this model was on its way, and excitement ensued.  Us JDM geeks have had a great run the last few years, with Skylines and Datsuns and such.  
But the carmaker of 2013 is most certainly Toyota.  It started happening last year with the AE86 in the Decades line and the ’87 Toyota Truck and Supra debuting in Hot Ones.  But 2013 has already seen the best version of the AE86 yet and the brand new ’70 Celica.  Later in the year the Toyota Truck shows up in the basic range, and the ’82 Supra in the Flying Customs.  And currently, here with Batch J, we get another new Supra, and this gem, the Toyota 2000GT.
Japanese car nuts will forever argue what car takes the title of signature nostalgic car, whether it be the Haksuka or Kenmeri Skylines, or the Datsun 240Z, among many others.  But any argument starts with the 2000GT, with sexy E-Type lines and stellar supercar performance back in the day.  Plus it is the most collectible of the classic Japanese cars currently, and was also a favorite of some guy in Vegas named Shelby.
So here is Hot Wheels version, and it is stupendous.  So yes, we have seen it before, and the fact that it has been fairly easy to acquire for some time now is a topic for another day, and one that Mattel is dealing with at the moment.  But let’s put our “joy of collecting” caps back on, and enjoy what will surely a strong candidate for Model of the Year later in 2013…
Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

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  1. Are you sure? This was supposed to be in one of the cancelled Racing mixes last year…
    But it is super well done, very good casting.
    Stop showing pictures of that 510 Wagon! It reminds me that I haven't seen ONE freakin' 2013 Blvd car on the pegs.

  2. Big Fan of your articles I must say that this post in particular was the one to inspire me to search and start hunting for this 2000 GT Treasure Hunts, I found myself living in Chile when I first read and saw this and fell in love with your images, I search high and low for one but only found a regular red 2000GT, come 2021 and now I finally own one, thanks post info & the cool images too.

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