March 25 Matchbox Ambassador Update: The brand new International MXT MVA and other sneak peaks…

Greetings collectors…

We are back with another fresh set of sneaks this week.  There was a lot of discussion last week regarding the new Double Decker Bus.  Obviously its plastic content got a lot of the attention, but any discussion is good discussion, right?

Many of you wonder if Mattel sees your responses, whether here on the blog or on other forums, and I promise you they do.  I have had several discussions with them where the team has brought up specific names and comments they have read.  I know the Matchbox team appreciates the passion.  Of course they are making a line aimed at children, and not everything that collectors want can they do, but they know collectors are out there.  But I would ask that you not assume they are not listening because they are doing things you don’t like.  They are trying to build the best lineup for the kids they target, within the most advantageous price point, and that constantly changes.  But keep providing your feedback.

With all the talk of plastic and other developments, some might have overlooked the fact that Matchbox models are returning to more realistic liveries.  The team will admit that designs went pretty crazy in the last 12-18 months (purple Hazard Squad, anyone?), but they have backed away from that.  Thankfully that might be more in line with what collectors are looking for, but more importantly corresponds with the direction of the brand.

A case in point is the brand new Interntaional MXT MVA.  The Matchbox team has wanted to expand their military vehicle portfolio, and they are very excited about this one.  Now that I see it, I am too.  The MVA is the armored version of the MXT lineup (although I would not suggest attempting to see if the Matchbox version is actually armored), and arrives in desert combat colors:

(As always, images are shown with permission from Mattel.)

Next up is another Gift Pack exclusive.  If you remember, each 9- or 10-pack will feature one exclusive, a classic car casting with the 60th Anniversary logo somewhere on the body.  We have seen several, and now we have the first image of the Lamborghini Miura:

Four more sneaks this week, with three from the mainline.  There are two Oshkosh M-ATV’s for 2013.    One, the red version, will be in an upcoming Mission Force set.  The other in orange will be in the mainline:

Next is the upcoming Ford Crown Victoria Taxi:

And lastly, a collector favorite from 2012, back for 2013 and looking equally dapper.  The Buick Century Police Car returns in white with black doors.  This is bound to be a hot item once again:

That is it for now.  We are all ready set for next week’s sneaks, which will focus almost solely on the 60th Anniversary line.

Until then…

14 Replies to “March 25 Matchbox Ambassador Update: The brand new International MXT MVA and other sneak peaks…”

  1. Okay….the International is not my cup of tea but points for a licensed model and plain colors and I think the military collectors will like it.

    The Orange Osh is a bit much so it could have been toned down to a less bright orange but the livery is good

    Finally get a realistic looking YELLOW taxi. I like.

    The Buick police car is nice but the blue windows ruin it for me along with the too modern 'Police' livery.

    I am glad to hear they are moving away from Purple Firetrucks and hopefully Corvettes with White wheels…now if Dave and and team could just produce that 2013 listing and give us a poster.

    Jeff ( 94SS)

  2. The new International is nice but… its not for me. The Taxi looks great. Simple design on a fairly realistic colour. Now thats coming home with me. Not interested in the Oshkoshes. My attention is on the Lamborghini. It looks so cool in that colour. There is something about a green Miura that catches me, I don't know what. Now MB had already done a gift-pack exclusive Miura, in green, previously, which I wasn't able to get, and now this one, which again I don't think I will be able to get. Guess why? Matchbox gift-packs are rarer in my city than a duck in the desert.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  3. I recently watched a promotional video for Lesney, filmed back in the 1960s when they might as well have been kings of the diecast world. One line reigned in the perfect mission statement. I am paraphasing here – “…detailed for the most critical collector, yet fun for the children.”
    So simple, and I think this defines what most of us have wanted all along.
    As an example, think about the success of The Simpsons during the first ten seasons.
    The show was entertaining for all ages. It did not cater to little children. It did not make so many adult / pop culture references that kids were lost. At it's best, It flowed seemlessly through all the demographics, leaving us wanting more.
    Matchbox was hugely successful for decades because it bridged the age gaps. I loved them as a kid because they were realistic, but not so fragile that I couldn't have fun with them. As an adult, I collect them partially because they hold such fond memories, but also because they were designed and built to a fairly high standard.
    Most of all, I love cars and other forms of transportation. I spend my money on products reflecting the love of all this. I want quality. I want realism from Matchbox. The Buick police car does not tug on my nostalgic heartstrings, nor my love of cars / product design. It looks cheap and hurried. The graphics are too modern. I love this era of the automobile, but I would rather have a modern police car with good details and quality fit and finish over this poor rendition of a classic car.
    Give us metal. Give us details. Make it sturdy for the kids. Raise the pricepoint – it's not 1978 anymore.

  4. For once something i like,the war machine is good and i can see that selling well for the budding military diorama guys.The taxi is good and the Lambo is good apart from that stupid 60 on it,your average toddler does well to count to 10.The police car sucks big style more mini MOY,s.

  5. I'll need to physically have them in my hands before I can put my opinion out there. The pictures look pretty saturated to enhance the colors and brighten the background…and when you turn the saturation up it seem like you lose detail. The MVA will be on my hunt list…the Buick and taxi are solid maybes.

  6. I like the new models. I like the new models that are coming out
    New matchbox is better than no matchbox to collect

  7. Here,here I agree 1000% if they build we will buy it. The Buick is great up until that door tempo,who was the nit whit that missed that? That just belongs on Sesame Street,one of these things just dosen't belong here.I love the International,military is back it seem at MB and thats great but where are the personal carriers? It seems they want to leave out the realistic stuff,is the enemy going to buy them up and research them? Come on the Stealth was out no sooner then it was unvaled. The Lamborghini is great but the 60th as a whole is very disappointing. No quality not enough attention to the history of the brand. Mattel you bought the company Lensey paved the way for HW (which I also love) if your going to produce under the name then produce the quality they did. Show some respect to the loyal collector and consumer. As a kid I was right there all the way as a parent I bought for my kids to teach the history and the allure of the auto. From sleek body lines to Phat tires to the bling of the rims and let's not forget the power under the hood. Die cast from years gone by til the present have been educational for me and my children. I believe the last time we could look under a hood from Mattel was the HW 69 Charger. The last time we could open a door to check out an interior was I think and may be wrong was a HW Nissan 300z. Like I said I may be off but point being WHY? listen I know layers have screwed up a lot of things cause they'll litigate whatever will put money in their pocket. If I remember correctly that's what warning labels were for besides that by the time I could break the car door off or hood or trunk lid I knew better than to put it in my mouth. 1st grade you learn not to put anything but food in your mouth and that warning label is for the parents that didn't get pass the first grade.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  8. Why can't they release the Oshkosh in a “traditional” military color scheme? I can understand the initial release's paint, as it was similar to the Oshkosh promo theme…but now ORANGE???

    IMHO, the first two schemes for a licensed, new release should be the licenser's promo scheme (if one exists), and at least one realistic paint scheme. THEN, feel free to use artistic license/go nuts.

  9. Are you sure that it is called the International MXT-MVA, according to Wikipedia (though it is often plagued with error) it is called the MXT-MV

  10. John, thanks for the shots — the Oshkosh M-ATV in flat orange is doing it for me, liking that one very much, it transcends it's “toy” nature and becomes a very cool collectible (for this Big Kid). Cheers, Roger (Berlinetta, or sometimes Aquiresville)

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