First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’66 Chevy Chevelle…

One more Boulevard Model from Batch M that we haven’t shown, and that is not because we don’t like it.  We actually are quite fond of it.

Chevelles bring out some of the most passionate American car nuts, and although the Chevelle may not get our goat like with others, we can sure appreciate that enthusiasm.  As far as Hot Wheels Chevelle castings go, and there are a lot of them, this is way up there.  At least in the Lamley Group’s humble opinion.  The new racing Chevelle takes the cake for us, and the Wagon is not far behind, and put this racer third.  It has enjoyed only premium treatment so far, but my guess is that will change at some point.  (Of course, with this recent trend of models that debuted in premium lines showing up in the mainline as Super Treasure Hunts, I am sure this casting has a bright future.)

In the meantime, we have these two race cars to hold us over.  I love the simplicity of the Boulevard, and even the oft-maligned disk wheels work.  But it comes up just short of last year’s Racing model.

As I said in the Fiesta post, Boulevard has hit a major stride this year.  Too bad it is being retired.  It was fun while it lasted…

(Hot Wheels 2013 Boulevard, including the brand new Batch N, is now available at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Chevelle (2013 Boulevard):

Our example is a little race tested:

2 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’66 Chevy Chevelle…”

  1. This casting is actually modeled after a rather important car in NASCAR history, Smokey Yunick's Chevelle. The innovations and tricks he built into the car were something no one was doing at the time. It's a great casting for sure.


  2. I love this casting,I think this was Chevy's version of the GTO. The body lines, both being GMs it only makes sense to me. Both great cars and after how Chevy took over the Firebird body design to explode the Camaro on the scene. Why wouldn't they do the same with the GTO? I love what HW did with the 67 GTO better though,it sits better just a tougher look in my opinion. This Chevelle in a mainline version I think would end up a low rider and I have no problem with low riders but when HW pigeon wholes a car that low to the ground it's kind of stuck to either the stock car version or a low rider. Love the car and the casting though. I have seen a 65 by HW that was released as a Wal-mart Easter exclusive. Also a nice casting,again though to low to the ground.

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